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Essay – Indus Plains


Environmental science



Natural Environment

Natural Resources


Words: 508 (3 pages)

River Indus is the largest river of our country. This river after originating from northern slopes of Kailash Range in Tibet (China) passing through the Himalaya and enters in Pakistan’s territory near Gilgit. In the upper region a number of streams join in it, but at the later stage, some of its western and eastern…

The Little Bison Basin




Natural Environment


Words: 414 (2 pages)

The Little Bison River flows from small glaciers in the high cirques of the Rocky Mountains east to the Great Plains of North America, where it ultimately joins the Missouri system. The valley through the Rockies contains a few small towns which are supported by the ski industry and tourism. Recently, extensive natural gas deposits…

Dent’s Disastrous Pronouns





Words: 507 (3 pages)

Stewart Pidd Hates English contains the undermentioned information about pronouns: Pronouns map as replacing words for noun phrases and nouns. Three common types of pronouns that give authors problem are indefinite pronouns. genitive pronouns. and personal pronouns. Pronouns have different maps. Pronouns that do non mention to an object or a peculiar individual are indefinite…

Frequently Asked Questions about Morphology

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What is morphology and its example?
Morphology is the study of words. Morphemes are the minimal units of words that have a meaning and cannot be subdivided further. ... An example of a free morpheme is "bad", and an example of a bound morpheme is "ly." It is bound because although it has meaning, it cannot stand alone.
What is morphology explain?
Morphology is the study of the internal structure of words and forms a core part of linguistic study today. The term morphology is Greek and is a makeup of morph- meaning 'shape, form', and -ology which means 'the study of something'.
Why is it important for students to learn morphology?
Knowledge of morphology helps students acquire meaning of derived and inflected words, which in turn promotes reading comprehension. In teaching morphemes the student is made aware of semantic connections between words and consistent spellings in word families.
Why is morphology so important?
Why are morphological skills important to literacy? Learning about the meaningful relationships between words, including how they sound, how they're spelled, and what their morphological structure is, contributes to vocabulary knowledge as well as reading comprehension.

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