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National anthem in different languages



Words: 798 (4 pages)

The “Star Spangled Banner” is a big part of the American culture. Just like other national anthems, it is mean to honor the United States and what it has gone through as a nation. It  is very much a part of American history and it deserves to be revered, respected, and valued not simply by…

National Language



Words: 861 (4 pages)

Recently the United States Congress has been debating whether or not to declare that English is the national language of the United States and that all instruction in public schools is in English. There is no question what the language of this country is, it is irrefutably English, it was the language of our Founding…

Reflection on Personal and Professional Development Sample



Words: 3271 (14 pages)

In this text, I will review the period of making the assignment and reflect on how I developed professionally and personally. The first chapter gives a reappraisal of the group assignment and presentation. We chose DHL Call Centre as the development topic and analyzed the importance of setting up a new call centre based on…

American Is a Salad Bowl



Words: 845 (4 pages)

The identity of America has changed from when the Indians came from Europe to America in 18th century. Where you live has a major affect on your identity from the north to the south. America has defined themselves not by race, religious, and ethnic identity but by common values and individual freedom. America is a…

What Are the Benefits of Learning English?



Words: 554 (3 pages)

English is one of the most spoken languages in the entire world, with more than 360 million native speakers (Nationalencyklopedin, 2010) and 750 English second language speakers (Future of English? , 2011). It has become a global language and very useful tool in the modern world. Although, some people think it is not important learn…

The EIL discourse as natural, neutral, and beneficial



Words: 1951 (8 pages)

Abstract             Pennycook (1994) views the international spreading of English as neutral, natural, and beneficial. The EIL discourse is connected with numerous cultural issues. The implementation of the EIL model in Asian countries reveals the major controversies and benefits of positioning the English language as natural and neutral. The EIL discourse as natural, neutral, and…

Multilingualism and European Commission



Words: 836 (4 pages)

About 250 million years ago, Pang?a the supercontinent was split up and eventually settled on the current continental configuration. As civilization flourished, the inhabitants developed their own language and culture on each continent. However, trading and getting along with the neighboring communities forced many groups to learn more than their mother tongue. This pragmatic use…

Children and Foreign Language



Words: 910 (4 pages)

In line with the globalization, foreign language is very crucial in term of the trade field, exchanging cultures among countries,etc especially English as international language. Generally, learning foreign language is considered as a way of building bridges to nation’s success in today’s integrated and interdependent world economy. Accordingly, I think that children should learn foreign…

Is Ebonics actually a Foreign Language?



Words: 3011 (13 pages)

The United States is filled with many different ethnicities, cultures, customs, languages, etc. Supposedly, our public schools are equipped with classes, teachers, curriculums and materials in order to educate that part of the student population whose first language is something other than the English language. Bilingual classes, transitional classes, ESL classes are just a few…

English Language and Inner Circle

English Language


Words: 2427 (10 pages)

In 1985, Braj Kachru first posited the term “World Englishes” this was hailed as a valuable contribution to the understanding of the many varieties of English which have arisen since the colonisation of many cultures by the British Raj. Pennycock declares “Braj Kachrus development of the term World englishes, epitomises the heterogeny position” (qtd Mair…

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