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Essays on Second Language

The communicative style of the second language learning and language teaching styles

Introduction Communication is always a two-way process. In the case of second language learning, this is between the teacher, imparting the knowledge, and the students, grasping the information. This paper shall discuss the learning styles of second language learners and how teachers must adapt their teaching styles to best utilize the learning style. Learning styles …

Analysis of Students’ Skills in Learning English as a Second Language

Focus on the Learner There are several factors students need to learning when learning English as a second language. Students need to know the meaning of each work, use, word to use in grammar, interactions, spelling, and pronunciation of the word.  The student needs to know how to use the word and how and/or when …

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Second Language

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The Role of Universal Grammar in Second Language Learning

Universal Grammar has been one of the most debated subjects in linguistics since its origin in 1976. As to its function in first linguistic communication acquisition. UG has already established a name because it has to the full explained why kids are able to larn their female parent lingua or any other linguistic communication in …

Is Second Language Aptitude Directly Related to Conscious Learning

The study of individual differences in second language acquisition has achieved considerable efforts over the last years. Those researches had focused on four areas of individual differences: learning style, motivation, anxiety and learning strategies. Nevertheless, the aptitude factor had less attention. Second language aptitude was the subject of no much research during the 1950s and …

Corrective Feedback in Second Language Acquisition

Corrective feedback in SLA Corrective Feedback in Second Language Acquisition Mounira El Tatawy Teachers College, Columbia University ABSTRACT Over the last few years, the role played by corrective feedback in language acquisition has become a highly controversial issue. In the field of First Language Acquisition (FLA), researchers express strong reservations concerning the effect that negative …

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