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Rhetorical Analysis of Four Articles Upon Princess Diana’s Death Sample

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    Princess Diana of Wales was killed in a auto accident in Paris. France in 1997. She was divorced from England’s Prince Charles and a female parent to Princes William and Harry. In her life. she was known for her philanthropic gift and her matrimony with the Prince. The accident was known around the universe and many newspapers and intelligence plans wrote articles about the late Princess’s decease. The Queen of England and Princess Diana’s brother Lord Spencer spoke about the Princess in a televised address and her eulogium at the funeral service.

    The first article coverage of the Princess’s decease was from the British Broadcasting Company ( BBC ) on August 31. 1997. the forenoon of the clang. This article tells the basic information known at the clip of Princess Diana’s decease. The topic is the decease of the Princess of Wales. the audience is the people who want to be informed of intelligence in Britain. and the talker is the British Broadcasting Company. The intent of this article is to inform the populace of the decease of a well-known. well-liked individual. This article is rhetorically effectual because of the simpleness of how the talker wrote the intelligence study.

    This study besides elicits poignancy because of the last line in the study that says “Hundreds of grievers have gathered… . and many have laid flowers at the Gatess. ” Ethos was shown in the sentence “Prince Charles broke the intelligence of their mother’s decease to Prince William and Harry at Balmoral Castle in Scotland where the royal household has been passing the summer. ” Logos is non established because the exact writer of the study is unknown at this clip ; hence. character can non be established. This article was written in airless manner. An illustration of the airless manner is “The accident happened after the princess left the Ritz Hotel… Mohammed Al Fayed. ” This article was rhetorically effectual for the intended audience.

    On September 5. 1997. Queen Elizabeth spoke publicly on the decease of her daughter-in-law. This address given by the Queen is wholly emotional and evokes chiefly pathos because of the unhappiness that the audience feels while reading/ listening to this address. The talker is Queen Elizabeth. the audience is anyone watching the televised address. and the topic is the recollection of Diana. The purpose of the Queens’ address is to pay testimonial to late Diana and besides thank everyone for the flowers. messages. and respects paid to Diana. I believe that the address was rhetorically effectual because of the emotion that the talker conveys. Logos is established because we know that the talker is the Queen of England. However. poignancy is the most common in this address. The Queen is distressed about the decease of a household member. and it shows in her address. The address is written in a sweet manner. Examples of this are “So what I say to you now. as your queen and as a grandma. I say from my bosom. ” . and. “I portion in your finding to care for her memory. ”

    Diana’s brother. Earl Spencer. gave a eulogium for her on September 6. 1997. In the eulogium he speaks of how much Diana meant to the people of non merely England. but besides the people of the universe. Within the address. the Earl becomes passionate about his sister and the things that she did during her life. One illustration that he gave was that on her birthday. she did non observe the twenty-four hours but alternatively was the invitee of award at a charity fund-raising event. The talker is Earl Spencer. the brother of the late Princess. The audience is all of the people who are mourning the decease of Princess Diana. which harmonizing to his address. would be the household. the state. and the universe. The topic would be the general goodness of Diana and how the paparazzi/media affected Diana and her kids. However. the eulogium was non rhetorically effectual because subdivisions of it were off the subject of Diana. The eulogium was besides used to increase Earl Spencer’s political standing in the state. Ethos and poignancy were shown the most in Diana’s eulogium spoken by Earl Spencer. This address is written in a airless manner because of the length and item of the sentences.

    The concluding entry is a Wikipedia Article accessed on September 15. 2006. This entry has the headers “Controversy” and “Final Resting Place” and besides tells more antecedently unknown information than the other pieces. This entry lacks ethos and poignancy because people are able to redact it. so it is non-credible and un-emotional. The composing manner of the Wikipedia entry is tough manner because of how consecutive frontward the authorship is. It is besides written in an 8th class reading degree. The audience is anyone on the cyberspace that wants to larn about Diana and the talker is unknown. The topic is the life and decease of Diana. I found this piece rhetorically effectual because of the simpleness of the authorship. without the really long sentences as in Earl Spencer’s address.

    The articles and intelligence studies on the decease of Princess Diana were taken the hardest by those close to her. The addresss given by the Queen and Diana’s brother show this through the poignancy that is conveyed within their address. The newspaper article and the Wikipedia entry do non hold ethos as the addresss do. but alternatively utilize logos more within the texts.

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