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When Apollo discovered that it was Hermes who had stolen the cattle, he became very angry. However, Hermes managed to reconcile the situation by creating a beautiful lyre and presenting it to Apollo. This gesture resolved the conflict between them and led to their friendship. One fascinating aspect of Hermes is his appearance as the winged god. He had wings on his sandals, hat, and staff. Initially, his staff had two white ribbons, which eventually transformed into serpents. According to one story, these ribbons turned into serpents when Hermes intervened to stop a fight between two snakes.

The serpents intertwining on the staff was a symbol of peace and this was one of the assets that Hermes possessed. Apart from that, he also had the cap of invisibility. Hermes was often seen with the appearance of a traveler, worker, or shepherd, and sometimes he was depicted with a beard. Initially, Hermes was the god associated with good fortune and supported roads and boundaries. However, he later became primarily known as the messenger of the gods, especially Zeus, due to his supreme swiftness. As the messenger, it was also his responsibility to guide the souls of the deceased to the underworld.

Hermes, a god who brought dreams to mortals, has appeared in more mythological stories than any other gods. To begin, he aided Jason in the quest of the Golden Fleece. In a different tale, when Zeus’ wife Hera learned of his love for the god 10, she became enraged and instructed Argus to stand guard over 10. But on Zeus’ command, Hermes intervened and killed Argus. Additionally, we encounter Hermes in other well-known narratives, including the story where he persuaded Calypso to release Odysseus, as well as when he saved Odysseus and his companions from being transformed into pigs by Circe.

Hermes, being an exceptionally athletic god, is honored with statues in numerous gymnasiums throughout Greece. Additionally, his presence is frequently depicted in various forms of artwork and pottery. Greek literary figures such as Homer and Apollonian have extensively documented the remarkable feats performed by Hermes. Although he may have engaged in trickery or deceit on certain occasions, he remains a captivating figure. From my perspective, Hermes exemplifies a “good god” who aspired for harmony. This admiration for Hermes stems from the love and desire to chronicle positive aspects about him.

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