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A Summary on Zeus: The Greek God

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This just in, Greece: there is a New Greek God in town and he is here to stay and his name is Zeus! Zeus is very well known all over the world but where did he come from, who is he, and what does he do? We’ll i tell you. The Greeks believed in the Greek Gods in their religion and the main god of their religion and most important was named Zeus. Zeus is known as “The father of gods and men.

” People consider Zeus one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Zeus ruled the Olympians of mount Olympus, he is the father of all the gods and he rules them too.

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A Summary on Zeus: The Greek God
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In Greek mythology Zeus is the god of sky and thunder. When Rome took over Greece they had basically the same religions with the same gods but they tweaked the names a bit to fit their on mythology in Greece his name is Zeus but in Rome his name is Jupiter.

Zeus’s parents are named Cronus and Rhea and they had Zeus, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, and Hades. Zeus is the youngest out of all the kids. Cronus was the ruler of the Titans and the supreme god at the time, and he was afraid that one of his children would overthrow him, just like he overthrew his father named Uranus.

Cronus then swallowed his first five children. This had made Rhea very mad and when Zeus was born she tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock wrapped in blankets. Rhea then went on to hide Zeus in a cave on Mount Dicte in Crete while he was young to protect him from his father. Zeus was raised by many people and animals such as a golden dog. He was raised like this to protect his life. He then grew up to be a very strong and smart boy looking for revenge. So he knew what he had to do, Zeus led a revolt against his father and the Titans.

Zeus then defeated and then banished them. Once Zeus had control, he and his brothers divided the universe between them. Apparently from what we have heard all the Greek gods bow down to him and address him as father, we know this guy is big news! Oh la la Zeus is always known for his erotic escapades where he would come down from the heavens and do the nasty with earth women and get them pregnant and making a baby god such as Athena, Ares, Apollo, Hebe, Hermes , Perseus, Minos, Graces, and so on and so on. Zeus later went on to marry women named Hera.

Zeus had also married one of his sisters and he also had a child with another one of his sisters. Zeus’s weapon is a thunderbolt which he hurls at anyone who tries to displease him. We just interviewed Zeus and we found out that his bird is the eagle, his tree is the oak tree and the olive tree, and his breastplate was the aegis. Zeus is known as the protector of the weak, the punisher of the wicked, and as the god of mercy and justice. The name Zeus is related to the Greek word dios, meaning “bright” hence the thunderbolt.

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