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Assignment about Thermodesulfobacteria

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Thermostatically are also important in aerobic environments if they can rapidly reproduce in anaerobic environments. For example, in marine sediments and in aerobic wastewater treatment systems, sulfate reduction causes up to 50% Of the normalization of organic material. Also sulfate reduction stimulates microbial enhanced corrosion of metals. The bacteria’s habitat is generally known to be aquatic. The bacteria lives in hydrothermal vents in the ocean, parts of the ocean were oil spills have occurred, volcanic hot springs and other marine environments.

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Assignment about Thermodesulfobacteria
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Although, sulfate reduction is an anaerobic process, the bacteria that reduces sulfate is also important in aerobic environments and for the ecology, for example, in oceanic sediments and aerobic black water treatment Sulfate reducers such as thermostatically have a wide range of cellular forms, some are rods, vireos, ovals, spheres and tear dropped shaped cells. Some are motile, others aren’t. Many sulfate reducing bacteria are mesospheric, and only a few thermometric bacteria are known. In conclusion, thermostatically are unlike any other bacteria on earth for a variety of reasons.

This type of bacteria are sulfate reducing and anaerobes. They use different substances as sources of energy and are classified in many ways. They mainly live in the ocean near vents deep down in the ocean and other parts of the ocean. But, thermostatically can also be used to mineralizes organic material and treat black water. This bacteria has many forms and shapes in which it has been discovered in. Overall this bacteria is very important in our lives and ecosystem. The uses we have for it only help improve our lives like much of the other bacteria in the world around us and in our bodies.

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