Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism

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Trinitrotoluene (TO) and Dehydrogenation (TO) are constantly Ewing produce but, are stored in the gland as droplets. When the body needs more hormones they are then relished in to the blood. The third hormone is called Calculation it works with calcium and deals with the bone metabolism. If the Thyroid Gland does not produce the right amount hormone your body will not function correctly. Meaning you have Thyroid disease. When the Thyroid Gland does not produce enough hormones it is known as Hypothyroidism. This cause your body functions to slow down.

Symptoms you may experience are loss of energy , dry skin, dry hair or hair loss, instigation, sensitivity to cold, loss of sexual desire, deep hoarse voice, overweight and/or difficulty concentrating. It may cause the thyroid glad to be come enlarged, which may feel like pressure in the neck. Breathing and swallowing my become difficult. The cause of this can be from many reasons such as a medicine you are on. If babies or small children develop this disease is can affect the physical and emotional development. With adults this disease comes on at such a slow rate that sometimes its not recognized as hypothyroidism.

It is usually confused with ageing.. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid produces too many hormones. This cause the metabolism energy to speed up. Symptoms that you may have are sweating, hot flashes, weight loss, trembling, hair loss, insomnia, and racing heart. There are many causes for this disease. To be diagnosed with a disease of the thyroid glades your doctor would first give you a physical exam, then a blood test, and maybe have you get a thyroid scan. I did not know that Thyroid disease affected some many people. There are nearly 20 million Americans living with some type of Thyroid disease.

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