A fair face may hide a foul heart Essay

A fair face may hide a foul heart.


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A fair face may hide a foul heart
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Proceeding from the ethical reasons I will not mention the name of the restaurant which from my personal point of view is worth of attention - A fair face may hide a foul heart Essay introduction. Its owners didn’t pay me for a hidden advertising and didn’t even ask me to write a paper on it. The thing is that the name of this place means “the abode” in Mexican and it is definitely a place where you might want to stop on a journey.

Frankly speaking I am not a great admirer of neither Mexican food, nor restaurants. But that day, that weather, that mood just made me stop on my way from Austin and just go in to try to comprehend the Mexican cuisine.

It was something that just suddenly appeared on my way, something really bright. The restaurant was just shining and spreading the light all over the road. My eyes were almost blinded and I pulled over to this inviting nice place. White chairs, blue tables, Mexican hats, luring smell of fresh cooked food, smiling people. It all just attacked me immediately and at the same time and I badly wanted to taste it all.

I looked around, watched other people, the waiters, studied the blue table, my chair, the white floor, the ceiling as white as everything else, the menu, already breathing in all the smells coming from the heart of the restaurant, the kitchen. These smells were unknown to me but they tasted wonderful. I heard nice noise of dishes, listened to the quiet music. Every one of my senses got its own information and the impression was becoming clearer and clearer.

Tables stood really close to each other, I could hear people sitting near talking. The waiters moved fast carrying the trays with fresh hot food which looked quite attractive and my head just turned itself and my eyes followed almost every single tray.

I started enjoying this warm friendly climate. There was no such a fashionableness like many other restaurants have but the furniture makes you feel simply and lightly. There were no expensive table-cloths on the tables, the waiters were dressed up just like real Mexicans without ties or suits, the plates and dishes were in warm colours. It seemed that every single detail in this place just invites you to stop by and enjoy couple of hours in such a nice atmosphere.

  While waiting for my dishes I continued looking around, investigating the walls. There were colourful entertaining big boards hanging on them. I just smiled when I saw three Mexicans in real Mexican hats, with black moustache and big belly. When I got my food I could not look at anything any more but concentrate on the wonderful taste produced in secret room where nobody has a permission to enter.

When I was full and completely satisfied I looked around again, but my look was already different. Now I could pay attention to all the details. And I did understand that this was not the case when a fair face may hide a foul heart. This was the case when this face, this simply looking restaurant had a warm wonderful heart and you do want to come back here.

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