A few fraudulent investments

Nowadays, rural-urban migration is a popular issue in Vietnam and it helps develop the country, but there are many serious drawbacks of it, which none can deny. As you can see, in 201 1, Vietnam had 90% of migration who move to big city to work. In brief, the economic is increasing day by day so it affects to the people’s demanding on their life. However, migration is also has pros and cons and it is a leading cause of growth and development in Vietnam. Therefore, will write two positive and two negative effects of this migration.

First of all, he first positive effect that migration have brought for urban in Vietnam is that it has created a strong consumption, thus that is a direct cause to attract more investors, especially foreign investors because they found that with amount population, there will be a potential market to develop their business, and with many sources of foreign investment that will be a major factor for the economic development of the city as well as country through contributing a significant tax for the country and expand partnership with other countries .

For example, Vietnamese GAP growth reached 5. 9% in 2011, in which foreign investment accounted for 17% of total 5. 89%. Http://venomous. Van/growth GAP. HTML (accessed 25 Jan 2012 by Mr.. Alex). The second positive effect that migration have brought for urban in Vietnam is that migrants have become an indispensable human resources in diverse markets of urban, the transfer labor forces through labor migration is a potentially important which contribute to reducing the pressure of rural labor employment, generate income, and contribute to social stability.

For example some migrants who want to earn a to of money and want to get more chances to some new jobs to help them can take care their family as well as themselves. To do this, they will accumulate money to send to family and through the volume of money that migrant who carry, transfer, send to family, that shows migrants are contributing to adjust the income gap between rural and urban areas, rich and poor, and contribute to social justice.

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