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Assignment nursing

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This policy applies to all Irishman investments employees, contractors, vendors and agents with a Irishman investments-owned or personally-owned imputer or workstation used to connect to the Irishman investments network. This policy applies to remote access connections used to do work on behalf of Irishman investments, including reading or sending email and viewing intranet web resources. Remote access implementations that are covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, dial-in modems, frame relay, KIDS, DSL, VPN, SSH, and cable modems, etc.

. 0 Policy 3. 1 General 1 . It is the responsibility of Irishman investments employees, contractors, vendors and agents with remote access privileges to Irishman investment’s reporter network to ensure that their remote access connection is given the same consideration as the user’s on-site connection to Irishman investments. 2. General access to the Internet for recreational use by immediate household members through the Irishman investments Network on personal computers is permitted for employees that have flat-rate services.

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The Irishman investments employee is responsible to ensure the family member does not violate any Irishman investments policies, does not perform illegal activities, and does not use the access for outside business interests.

The Irishman investments employee bears responsibility for the consequences should the access is misused. 3. Please review the following policies for details of protecting information when accessing the corporate network via remote access methods, and acceptable use of Irishman investment’s network: a.

Acceptable Encryption Policy b. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Policy c. Wireless Communications Policy d. Acceptable Use Policy 4. For additional information regarding Irishman investment’s remote access connection options, including how to order or disconnect service, cost comparisons, troubleshooting, etc. , go to the Remote Access Services website. . 2 Requirements Secure remote access must be strictly controlled. Control will be enforced via one-time password authentication or public/private keys with strong pass- phrases.

For information on creating a strong pass-phrase see the Password Policy. 2. At no time should any Irishman investments employee provide their login or email password to anyone, not even family members. 3. Irishman investments employees and contractors with remote access privileges must ensure that their Irishman investments-owned or personal computer or workstation, which is remotely connected to Irishman investment’s corporate outwork, is not connected to any other network at the same time, with the exception of personal networks that are under the complete control of the user. . Irishman investments employees and contractors with remote access privileges to Irishman investment’s corporate network must not use non- Irishman investments email accounts (i. E. , Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL), or other external resources to conduct Irishman investments business, thereby ensuring that official business is never confused with personal business. 5. Routers for dedicated KIDS lines configured for access to the Irishman investments network just meet minimum authentication requirements of CHAP. 6.

Reconfiguration of a home user’s equipment for the purpose of split-tunneling or dual homing is not permitted at any time. 7. Frame Relay must meet minimum authentication requirements of DELI standards. 8. Non-standard hardware configurations must be approved by Remote Access Services, and Infuses must approve security configurations for access to hardware. 9. All hosts that are connected to Irishman investments internal networks via remote access technologies must use the most up-to-date anti-virus software, this includes personal computers.

Third party connections must comply with requirements as stated in the Third Party Agreement. 10. Personal equipment that is used to connect to Irishman investment’s networks must meet the requirements of Irishman investments- owned equipment for remote access. 11. Organizations or individuals who wish to implement non-standard Remote Access solutions to the Irishman investments production network must obtain prior approval from Remote Access Services and Infuses. 4. 0 Enforcement Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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