A Guide on How to Decide and Pursue Your Dream Job

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Since the beginning of history, humans have worked together to perform tasks and ultimately stay alive. In this day and age most people work, to earn money, which in turn provides basic life necessities. In this essay I will explain how to decide and go after your dream job. Whether you want to be a doctor, performing surgery, or work at a ski resort handing out hamburgers on a cold morning. you can achieve anything.

  1. Decide your field
  2. You can do it
  3. What are your interests?
  4. Do what you love
  5. Make goals
  6. Schooling
  7. Qualifications
  8. Experience
  9. Resume
  10. Its me
  11. How to
  12. Interview
  13. Be Yourself
  14. Dress
  15. Act
  16. Conclusion
  • How to Get a Job
  • An Informative guide
  • lan Dunham

Since the beginnings of history, we, as people, have worked together to perform tasks and ultimately, stay alive. In this day and age, most people work to eam money, which in turn provides basic life necessities. In this essay, I will explain how to decide and go after your dream job. Whether you want to be a doctor performing surgery, or work at a ski resort handing out cheeseburgers on a cold morning, you can achieve anything.

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To begin, you must first decide what field you want to work in. This decision is simplified if you examine your interests. Are you a person who loves the outdoors? Do you love animals, or have you got a talent for understanding the makings of a car engine? Are you a people person, or do you tend to work better in front of a cow?

Figuring out your passions and talents is easy; finding a vocation that accompanies them is a little harder. To find out what your ideal job is, you must explore what type of jobs best fit your interests. For example, if you love to be outdoors, a career with the Forest Service or the BLM might be right up your alley. If you are great talking to people (i.e. are able to sort out your friends most complex troubles), be a psychologist.

Finding a dream job requires research; the Internet is a great place to find a wealth of information. Try www.yahoo.com (a search engine) for any job you can imagine such as scuba diving. Try www.monster.com for business and blue-collar work.

In order to land the job you desire, you have to have some skills and qualifications first. In order to work in most salary paying positions, you must have some sort of degree or training beforehand. This training can range from a month long (some types of vocational training) to a nearly a decade (for some PhDs.). The more you know the further you go, because the more training and knowledge you have in a certain field, the greater the demand for your expertise.

Experience is also an important thing to have. For instance, youll never be a sea captain unless youve started out scrubbing decks, Matey.

Expertise, training and experience are invaluable to getting a job, but unless you know how to sell yourself to a potential employer, you havent got a chance. One incredibly important tool in landing a satisfying career is having a resume. A resume will tell an employer a lot about your qualifications and can set you apart from other applicants. Look on the Internet for resume formats. The website, www.leeds.colorado.edu, has several helpful tips and formats. Above all, when writing a resume, keep in mind that it must look professional and neat.

With your resume in hand, you are ready to take on the world of capitalism…almost. Remember that you cant give your resume to just anyone. Find someone in charge who will have a large part in hiring. Look online, talk to other employees, and make sure you know a lot about the job before you interview. If you hand in your resume and dont get a call in two days, call back; you must be persistent to show your interest. Never give up your quest for the perfect job.

When you get that call, the next step is the interview. First impression is everything. Present yourself in a respectable manner. Be sure to have a clean appearance and wear nice clothes.

Interviews are not intimidating if you have a positive attitude. You are going to be spending a lot of time with your co-workers, so start making friends now. You know why you are here. Keep your eye on the ball. Be confident with yourself. Now you can shine and prove to be just the right person for the job.” We live in a free country and one of the basic rights we have is the right to dream. Do not allow yourself to be normal or boring. Go after your dream job and never look back.

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