A Moment of Glory in My Life During the Art Competition

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The author shares their experience of participating in an art competition organized by Standard Chartered Bank in seventh grade. As a passionate painter, they were excited to submit their paintings on the given topic ‘Your Dream House’. Although they had to wait for the result for a month, they kept looking for it online. When they went to the bank to know the result, they found out that winners had already been notified. Disheartened, they went back home with nothing. However, the next day, they received a letter from the bank informing them that they stood 5th among the 25 best painters. This news brought immense joy to the author and their family, making it the most glorious moment of their life.

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Life is composed of different moments, some bringing happiness, others sadness, and some instilling such pride that we long to experience them again whenever possible. One moment in my life stands out as an exceptionally magnificent memory. It took place during seventh grade when I was actively pursuing my love for painting. Our art teacher informed us about a national art competition hosted by ‘Standard Chartered Bank’ and strongly urged our participation, highlighting its importance.

I was excited to showcase my skill and complied with the competition guidelines by submitting three paintings centered around ‘Your Dream House’ prior to the deadline. Despite being aware that the outcome would be disclosed after a month, I eagerly visited the website daily for any updates. Eventually, on the day of results, I visited the bank to inquire about it but unfortunately discovered that the results had already been announced and winners had already received confirmation letters.

Overwhelmed with disbelief and joy, I left empty-handed when I didn’t receive any similar letters. But the next day, a letter arrived from the bank addressed to me. Trembling with anticipation, I eagerly opened it and discovered that I had been chosen as the 5th best painter out of a pool of 25 others. The sheer happiness I felt was immeasurable, bringing tears of joy to both my mother and myself. It was truly a magnificent moment that filled my life with immense pleasure.

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