A Personal Statement About My Interest in Joining the Navy

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Service has always been a significant value in my life. Coming from a family of public servants, which includes military personnel, first responders, and government employees who support the U.S. armed forces, I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of service and the sacrifices it involves. My upbringing has instilled in me a strong appreciation for service due to my grandfather’s role as a Lieutenant Colonel during World War II and my stepfather’s position as an Army Captain who have both contributed to this legacy of honor. Additionally, my father’s lifelong dedication as a volunteer firefighter has also influenced my commitment to serving others. Therefore, I aspire to continue this tradition by pursuing a career as a Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Navy.

Despite not having a college degree, my mother became a marketing specialist at the Army Public Health Command, teaching me the importance of resilience and overcoming obstacles through her own experiences.

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While attending York College of Pennsylvania, I began my career in public service by running a successful campaign and becoming a sophomore Senator. My main focus as a Senator was to improve budget accountability and promote sustainability on campus. Our efforts resulted in well-informed students regarding the allocation of the budget and significant progress in reducing cafeteria waste. This achievement inspired me to pursue opportunities near Washington, D.C., where I could continue personal and professional growth through practical experience. As a result, I chose to transfer to the University of Maryland at College Park.

Initially, transitioning from a small college to a larger university was challenging. Nevertheless, I was committed to adapting effectively. To strengthen my teamwork and goal-setting abilities, I decided to become a member of the club lacrosse team. This experience allowed me to improve my skills and collaborate effectively with others. Additionally, I actively pursued and secured esteemed internships on Capitol Hill.

After completing my education, I held various retail positions to support myself, always with the intention of returning to public service. Through persistence and effort, I eventually became a Field Organizer on a congressional campaign for Manan Trivedi, a former Naval battalion surgeon. Becoming familiar with his impressive background and interacting with him during the campaign made me seriously contemplate joining the Navy for personal and professional growth. As a field organizer, my main objective was to establish a network of volunteers who could effectively advocate Mr. Trivedi’s message. Thanks to my guidance, our campaign emerged as a leading force in recruiting and retaining volunteers nationwide.

By utilizing my strong public communication skills, I secured a position in Congress as an aide for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. In this role, I was responsible for drafting her floor speeches and creating her official newsletter. Additionally, I managed a team of interns from various parts of the country, offering guidance and support as they pursued their individual policy interests. Similar to working on a naval vessel, working in a congressional office demands adaptability and the ability to fulfill various roles when necessary. It is crucial for staffers to possess a comprehensive understanding of all office functions in order to provide assistance to colleagues when required.

Following my time working for Representative Jackson Lee, I progressed to become a scheduler for Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez. During this role, I refined numerous skills that I believe would be valuable as a Public Affairs Officer. I organized various meetings and conferences, catering to constituents as well as the presidential cabinet. Additionally, I supplied the congresswoman with regular briefings and assisted in crafting precise and easily understood messages for public consumption.

Although I have a strong connection to the United States Army, I have always been drawn to the professionalism, honor, and extensive history of the United States Navy. The Navy’s values and principles resonate with me more than any other military branch. If given the opportunity to serve as a Public Affairs Officer, it would be an immense honor for me to continue the Navy’s legacy by combining my passion for public service with defending our cherished American values. I am confident that I would bring unwavering commitment, determination, and loyalty to both the Navy and our nation’s armed forces. I understand the importance of being a great team player and am prepared to make sacrifices in support of our mission to protect freedom and global security. Serving in the United States Navy is a supreme calling that surpasses all others when it comes to providing dedicated service to our country.

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