Letter: Interest in Joining a Research Group Essay

Dear Sir,

I am …….., Architect, graduated with honors from faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department, Alexandria University in 2003 - Letter: Interest in Joining a Research Group Essay introduction. I am an Egyptian citizen and I have been living in Doha, Qatar since 2011 under my husband’s sponsorship. I finished M.Sc. Architecture pre-requisite courses from Alexandria University, Egypt; I am interested in the areas of Sustainable Architecture and I am looking forward to completing my master program.

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Letter: Interest in Joining a Research Group
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I would like to ask about the possibility of joining your research group as a Research Assistant. I hope that I can contribute to a challenging project at your university. It will be an excellent opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of the state-of-the art in sustainable architecture which will be fostered by research at your reputable committees. I have been seeking an opportunity such as this and I believe my background would match the requirements. I have substantial experience in research, teaching Architecture and a sound professional practice.

I am confident that my combination of professional experience and solid educational background has prepared me for making positive contributions to your department. As you can notice from my academic and professional profile detailed in my attached resume, I do have a genuine interest in the Architecture field and considering my application would enable me to add on my experience and further strengthen my academic background.

I would welcome the opportunity for any further discussion.

I enclosed my resume for your review and Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

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