Persuasive Speech Joining the Military Something to Consider

Affairs Department These programs include Health Care, Education, Housing, Insurance, etc. D. Career experience is easy to gain with the numerous careers the Armed Forces offers. E. Flexibility. Full service isn’t necessary. All Five branches of the Armed Forces have reserve programs in wit F.

Serving within the armed forces can put you in situations that are highly dangerous, but compared to the entire number of people in active duty and other high risk jobs, the risk is not overwhelming . Ill. Diverse career opportunities. A. Caring for VA patients in a Veterans Hospital as nurse for army. B. Oversee personnel, equipment, and supplies funding as finance or accounting manager for a Navy post. C. For matters involving the military judicial system, legal specialist or courts reporter are heavily needed. D.

You can even oversee military musical programs and performances as a music director. For nearly every profession or career, the Armed forces have a place for you to start, but to expand as well. Conclusion: Today Vie discussed the need for college students to have financial stability and employment experience, how the armed forces satisfies those needs, and visualized the solution taking place. Encourage all of you to research the Armed Forces and consider that benefits it has for you financially and for your future careers.

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