A persuasive for the use of stem cells for research.

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Using stem cell could reduce the dependence on organ donations and transplantation. In a survey posted on religiousness’s. Com, a little more than Seventy percent Of all Americans support the question, “Do you favor the use of existing stem cells in research to cure tot treat dozens of serious diseases such as Alchemist’s, diabetes, heart disease, and Parkinson disease? ” Don’t you think that it would good idea to help cure diseases? Well, most of the people in the United States do, too. There has to be something good about curing people.

What exactly are stem cells? The Center for Bioethics and Human dignity states that the divination of them cell are the vital cells from which all of the two hundred ten different kinds of tissue in the human body originate. And why are some people saying that it is not morally right? Most arguments on the topic of term cell research are that to obtain stem cells, a scientist or embryologist must extract the cells from a human embryo. After the cells are extracted, the embryo is unable to grow and ultimately dies.

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Some scientists that work for the American Association for the Advancement of Science live that stem cell research can co-exist with the Supreme Court’s 1 973 legalization of abortion. The same survey that was posted on religiousness’s. Com, states that before hearing all sides of the stem cell argument, most people who consider themselves pro-lifers, strongly opposed embryonic stem cell research. After they took the time to hear the supporting sides, fifty-six percent of those pro-lifers now were in support of stem cell research. How many other people oppose stem cell research just because the haven ‘t heard the supporting side?

As Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research chairperson, Lawrence Soles says, “This survey shows beyond a doubt that the American people have a strong sense of the promise of embryonic stem cell research and that they want it to go forward. ” Having looked at all the statistics, myself, I strongly agree with all that this CAME chairperson states. There are many people who think that stem cell research should be used because it can help treat propel who are suffering from some disease. These people believe that scientists should find alternative ways to obtain stem cells, other than extracting them from an embryo.

Scientists and embryologists have been considering many options for this question. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, stem cells can be removed from adult subjects without harming them. Adult stem cells are extremely hard to remove. They are also severely limited in quantity and they appear to be extraordinarily limited in their usefulness. Another process that has been considered and tested is to remove the stem cells that are found in umbilical cords from newborn babies. The extraction of these cells has no risk of harming anybody or anything according to the AAAS.

Okay, then what’s the problem with it? “, you might ask. The downside to this method is that the stem cells in the umbilical cord are no longer considered embryonic and are now adult. Because of this, they have the same problems as scientists do with adult stem cells. They are hard to obtain, and are limited in quality and quantity. In a statement from the AAAS, it has been suggested that a scientist or embryologist might try to receive stem cells from aborted embryos. This is a good idea, but the possibility of donating the fetus for stem cell research might encourage more women to have abortions.

It may also justify abortions that otherwise could not be justified. It is an existing law which permits researchers to use fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions. This law requires that the abortions are performed for reasons which are entirely unrelated to the researchers objectives. In order to get stem cells from an aborted fetus, it must only be up to one month old. Most women do not know until at least the first month. If it is any older, the stem cells have already started the process of forming into other cells. Also, knowledge cannot, currently, be obtained groom cadaver fetal tissue.

I agree with the AAAS when they say that they believe that the use of stem cells derived from a fetus should be acceptable, but with limitations. Scientists accepting the fetus should be certain that the decision to have an abortion was different than the decision to donate the fetus. A person who would be able to donate their aborted fetus for separate means, should be acceptable. But the conceptualization of or the selling of a fetus should not only be unacceptable, but also illegal. Yet another option that has been explored is using in-vitro embryos. Stem ells can be extracted from these embryos that are left over.

In-vitro is a fertilization process for couples who are having difficulties conceiving a child. When the woman who uses the option is finally impregnated, she no longer need the others that have been prepared for her. The have extra embryos due to the fact that is one embryo fails, they can try another one. Right now, there are many such embryos. What kind of problem would someone have promising this form of stem cell extraction? The problem with using the in- vitro method, says the American Association for the Advancement of Science, s that scientists are not allowed to use the embryos until the mother’s full pregnancy has passed.

Thus, not all of these embryos are available at all times. They never know exactly when they are going to need a specific embryo. The 19th General Assembly in 1983, discourages the “development of human embryos and their use for experimentation, except in those cases of clearly demonstrable benefit where no other substitute could accomplish the same end. ” As the preceding states, the only was to get the end result our embryologists and scientists want is to use embryonic stem cells. All other attempts had a least one variable that would not allow the experiment to work.

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