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Stem Cells: An Answer to all the Incurable Diseases

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Stem cells are probably the most important scientific discovery. These are pluripotent cells current in all living organisms. These cells have infinitive divisibility and self renewal properties, and also has the ability to convert organs and tissues. Human life in the form of a sperm,ovum,embryo,fetus,newborn,child,youth and adult. Therefore,human can face to face with cancer,alzheimer,burns,diabets,heartdisease,parkinson etc. To find the solution to that all problems stem cell treatment is inescapable. In general,there are three types of stem cells.

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Stem Cells: An Answer to all the Incurable Diseases
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These are totipotent,multipotent and pluripotent stem cells. Totipotent cell means whole body can turn into all organs and tissues. These cells have ability to form ambryonic or extraembryonic cell types. Totipotent cells could be transformed into pulipotent cell in advanced stages of development. Pluripotent cells dont have ability to tranformed to whole cells into body but can almost to all cells. Multipotent cells are specialized cell types which are in advanced stage of development.

For example;a multipotent blood cells has ability to convert to other specialized blood cells.

To summarize we can say that, totipotent cells are like primary shool students,in the future they could be redirected to all proffesions. Pluripotent cells are like university students and their departments at university will be their proffesion alsomultipotent cells are like experts after graduating from university. There are three common sources of stem cell as embryonic stem cells,fetal stem cells,adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cell occur from zygote which occur afte fertilization. Within 5 days after fertilization 150 cell blastocyst can occur.

Blastocyst consist of such as small sand particles. There are two type cell;trofoblast and center cell cluster. Cell which are in the center generate embryonic stem cell. Embryonic stem cells can transform into all adult cell types. Another potential source of stem cell are fetal stem cells. Approximately 7,8 weeks after embryo has a name fetus. The concept of obtaining and culturing of embryonic germ cells appeared for the first time in 1998. In some studies have detected that embryonic germ cells may be more difficult to convert into different stem ells. The final source adult stem cells are different from embryonic and fetal stem cells. It present in animals and humans after birth. However,the most convenient source of this cells was obtained from bone marrow. The bone marrow can obtain from the hip bone. Bone marrow has ability to reshape blood and it is contribute to renew liver,kidney,heart,lung and other organs. The other adult stem cell sources are umbilical cord blood,baby teeth,fat cells. Also, we should mantion in applications of stem cells.

There are four application types first is allogeneic stem cell which transfer from another person, second otolognakil which taken from a person and give him back,third syngeneic transplant is taken from twin brother,final is unrelated transport is taken from person who are not relatives. Stem cells can treat lots of diseas. Countless good and evil disease sometimes birth disease can treat with stem cells. However, this treatment does not provide cure already. In the apllication and after the application patient may be lost. In the world this treatment applies in bone narrow cancers,lymph node cancers,various organ cancers ,etc.

According to Joshua Tusin”Stem cells have the ability to develop into bone, muscle, cartilage, or other types of cells. The ability of these cells to develop into almost any cell type could allow for the repair of any damaged or deteriorating tissue, thus they could be used in regenerative medicine. ” Clearly work on adult stem cells is also a priority. Adult stem cells will probably turn out to be entirely suitable to treat some diseases, whereas Embryonic Stem cells will be necessary for others. There is no logic in stopping research on one to concentrate on the other, especially when we know so little about either.

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