A Research on Road Safety Statistics in Australia and Vietnam

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A research on road safety statistics in Australia and Vietnam by Duong Thuy Duong, class AE8 3. 1-Smartcom I- Introduction This research is about road safety statistics in Australia and Vietnam included the accident rates, the road traffic death rates and the majority’s age of death and injuries. In addition, we will compare the statistics in Australia to one in Vietnam and explain the results of this comparison. The purpose of the research is to make some suggestions to improve the road safety statistics in Vietnam through the information above.

II- General points Road safety statistics in Australia and Vietnam In Australia, road crashes result in about 1,500 deaths and 30,000 hospital admissions each year. According to Global status report on road safety 2009, the death rate of Australia is 7. 8 per 100 000 population. Most of road deaths were people between the ages of 40-59. In comparison, approximately 14 000 people lose their lives each year in Viet Nam as a result of road traffic crashes.

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In 2009, WHO was reported that the death rate of Vietnam is 16. 1 per 100 000 population, this figure is over twice as much as one of Australia. The majority of death and injuries on the roads are among those aged between 15 and 49 years – the group that makes up 56% of total population and is younger than that one in Australia. WHO estimates that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for those aged 15-29 years in Viet Nam. Reasons for the situation

According to the recently published WHO Global status report on road safety, many of Viet Nam’s existing road safety laws are either not comprehensive in their scope, or are poorly enforced. Viet Nam is one of ten countries included in the WHO Road Safety in 10 countries project which will be conducted over 5-years by a consortium of six international partners. Speeding and drunk driving also contribute to deaths in Vietnam, about 34% of road traffic deaths involving alcohol. Beside, 95 percent of registered vehicles are motorbikes and scooters.

  1. Vietnam’s rapid economic development over the past few decades has meant roads and traffic policing have not kept pace with the growing number of vehicles on the road. In addition, the roads in Vietnam is in bad statuses, so, it’s a reason for the high road traffic death rate in Vietnam III- Conclusions and Recommendation
  2. Promote communications for the people to understand and comply with traffic law and set up regulations and mechanism for seriously punishing the offenders for seriously punishing the offenders. Use the images in the traffic accident to show people the importance of traffic law and the danger of traffic accident.
  3. Increase the budget to improve the statistics of road.
  4. Mass media to have campaign and propagation for people to use standard helmets and impacts of using non-standard helmets.
  5. The Government to have enforcement with punishment solution and to strictly deal with the manufacture, the import, the distribution and the use of non-standard helmets the distribution and the use of non-standard helmets.

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