Australia in the Vietnam War Essay

1. How useful is this site for learning about: Why was Australia involved in the Vietnam War? The site’s provides background information on why Australia was involved in the Vietnam War, it does go on to explain that “The South Vietnamese government sought assistance from the United States and her regional ally”. , which supplies the reader with the information about how much the Australians were involved.

The site does fail to contain information about Australia’s direct threat of Communism invading the Country.

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The website gives great detail whilst using primary source maps showing the rate at which Australia’s involvement rises between 1962 and 1967, this source is very useful in showing direct information from the time, with accurate facts. The relationship between Australia’s Former Prime Minister Robert Menzies, continuing with Prime Minister Harold Holt and the U. S President Lyndon Baines Johnson, is displayed well throughout the website, especially in the section titled “All the Way with LBJ”, which is referring to that Australia was willing to support America in the war they were about to endeavour into.

The photograph is showing the close bond between the two leaders, and revealing a strong front on the War. With the link; http://vietnam-war. commemoration. gov.

au/all-the-way-with-lbj/images/images/courier-mail-1may1965. pdf, shows newspaper headlines from which demonstrate the use of anti-communist propaganda which was heavily used throughout the conflict and War. The issue of Conscription? The conscription issue is discussed extremely well in this website. It goes into explaining both sides of the conscription war.

The Birthday Ballot, commonly known as the National Service Scheme, is described and explained very well.Anti-War campaigns are displayed throughout the webpage, with the “Save Our Sons”, being displayed the best, the site did a great jb of displaying the information about the conflicts with conscription, while presenting all aspects of the issue. An Anti-Conscription Poster, from during the War when conscription was introduced. This is one of the several campaigns running at the time.

An Anti-Conscription Poster, from during the War when conscription was introduced. This is one of the several campaigns running at the time.Although the site also shows the pre-war and conscription, Showing an interview with Lieutenant Sabban, in which whom supported conscription, states that the way the moratoriums went about their protests, and how the soldiers were treated after returning from the war. It is obvious throughout the content of the website that Australia as a nation expressed different opinions on the participation in the Vietnam War and particularly on the conscription policies.

How people felt differently about Australia being involved? The website is also exceptionally beneficial when clarifying the difference of opinion in Australia.With some of the country supporting the war, such as the government, e. g Robert Holt and his political party, head soldiers e. g.

lieutent Sabban. But in saying that there were numerous who in which opposed the War. The site includes various lines and sources, showing the two sides. The Save Our Sons Anti-Conscription campaign.

The Save Our Sons Anti-Conscription campaign. The site clarifies how the public’s moods and actions to the war changed due to more soldiers being sent to War or conscripted and then meaning that the War was getting prolonged.Anti-Conscription Ad Campaign Anti-Conscription Ad Campaign Question 2: How reliable is the site and its information it contains? The information in this site could be classified as “reliable”. This is presented throughout the whole website, by using a variety of sources to extend ones knowledge and to also cater for all learning styles.

The site does have the use of an inclusive selection of primary sources including, photographs, posters, newspaper articles, conferences, videos, etc. These can be located right the way through the site.However, the site does occasionally not go into detail about some aspects of the war, it also inclines to be bias, which is always a possibility. Question 3: What is the perspective of the site? The website has been developed by the Australian Government’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

This is a good indicator that the information and sources featured are appropriate, as they are responsible for the content shown. This can be also seen by the number of primary sources been presented. This is important to anybody who accesses the site. Their logo is situated on every page that is opened, to make the user aware of their reliability.

However the operator requires to remember that it would obvisously contain some bias information to certain issues. The Board of Studies has supplied the site with a copy write. So it would be ideal to be used by high school aged students as a study guide, a long side textbooks and note taken during classroom lessons. In conclusion, this website would be a great study tool to explain Australia in the Vietnam War.

The site is vastly reliable due to their use of primary sources to back up the information stated. Nevertheless the reader needs to bear in mind the perspective in which the site has been authored.

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