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The narrative A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner in my sentiment was a really interesting narrative. The narrative was about a old and troubled adult female named Emily Grierson who because of her male parent’s decease had become one of the towns duty’s and besides one of it’s jobs. Emily a really obstinate old lady who refused to pay her revenue enhancements because of a small narrative that Colonel Sartoris who was the city manager at the clip had told her. He told her that her male parent had lent the town some money and because of it in a manner of paying her back all of her revenue enhancements were remitted. Faulkner portrayed Emily’s character to be really Stubborn and by the terminal made people believe she was brainsick. He develops this through many things but the chief thing was by her actions to different state of affairss and the manner she lived her life This essay is traveling to speak about the things she said, did and about what other people said about her.

Emily Grierson’s is an old lady who is really obstinate. Faulkner manages to demo this through different events that happen in the narrative and how she reacts towards them. One of the events that happened was when Emily received a revenue enhancement notice in the mail stating her that she has to pay her revenue enhancements. At this point in clip Colonel Sartoris had been dead and there was no remembrance in the metropoliss files of what he had told her. Because she had refused to direct any money to pay her revenue enhancements an alderman had shown up at her door to settle the state of affairs. When he told her she had to pay her revenue enhancements Emily merely said? I have no revenue enhancements in Jefferson. ? ( Faulkner, 142 ) The gentleman continued take a firm standing that she pay her revenue enhancements. Emily believed so much that she was right that she continued to state? see Colonel Sartoris. I have no revenue enhancements in Jefferson. ? ( Faulkner, 143 ) This was the first clip Faulkner showed how obstinate Emily could be. She told the alderman to go forth and that was the terminal of it. The 2nd incident that showed Emily was stubborn and a small loony was when she went to that pharmaceutics to purchase some toxicant. ? I want some toxicant? ? I want the best you have. I don? T attention what kind. ? ( Faulkner, 145 ) This gave me the feeling that she was a small loony and that it was possible that she was unsafe. It besides showed me that she could be really demanding.

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Emily did many Thursday

ings that made her character seem obstinate and brainsick. When she received the revenue enhancement notices in the mail she merely through them into the refuse or mailed them right back without response. This showed us how obstinate she was. Miss Emily would pull off to do her ego disappear for a certain period of clip. This would do people to speak because no 1 would cognize where she was or what she was making. At the terminal of the narrative when the town people were walking around her house they eventually found what had caused her house to smell every bit bad as it did. It was Homer Baron. He was laid down on a bed that was in a locked room. This was when they knew she was brainsick because she murdered her one lover that she of all time had.

Peoples in this town liked to dish the dirt a batch about Miss Emily. When she went to purchase the toxicant from the pharmaceutics, the town was convinced she was traveling to kill herself and that she was brainsick. When her male parent had died people called and dropped by the house to give Miss Emily their commiserations. For three old ages she told them that he was non dead and that he was still alive. She refused for her male parent’s organic structure to be disposed. The town thought she was brainsick. One of the things they talked a batch about was Miss Emily’s retainer that worked for her. They made racial remarks about him for illustration when Miss Emily’s house started giving off some kind olfactory property. Peoples started kicking to a justice named Judge Stevens about the odor. All he could state was? It’s likely a serpent or a rat that Niger of hers killed in the pace? One lady who complained accused Miss Emily of smelling bad. Miss Emily was pitied throughout the town because she wasn? T married. The ground for this was because every clip a adult male wanted to hold something to make with Emily her male parent would frighten them off. When Emily started seeing Homer Baron people started to speak. ? She will get married him? and? She will carry him yet? people would state.

In decision Miss Emily in my sentiment was a really troubled lady.

All of her jobs started the twenty-four hours her male parent died because in my sentiment she couldn? Ts cope with it. Through out the narrative Emily did many things like declining to pay her revenue enhancements, purchasing toxicant and the decease of her lover that allowed her town to believe that she was obstinate and brainsick old wom

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