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The author has always been interested in working in an office environment with computers and has developed a strong skillset in computer use. They have taught their family and friends about computers and have decided to pursue a degree in Administrative Assistant. The author’s career interest is in Secretaries or Administrative Assistants. This paper discusses the nature of the job, including the need for keyboarding skills, the evolving role of office professionals, and potential health problems. The earnings for secretaries vary greatly, and the job requires knowledge of software applications and representing the company.

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Throughout my life, I have had an unwavering passion for working in a computer-filled office with like-minded professionals. Computers have always captivated me and I strongly believe that there is a vast amount of knowledge to be gained from working with them. When using my personal computer, I find joy in browsing the internet, creating scrapbook pages, and effectively managing my banking and personal finances. Those close to me affectionately call me the “Computer Guru” as I have taught them everything they know about computers.

Approximately nine years ago, in my eighth grade year, I began using computers for the first time. At that time, I was taking a class that required computer usage. In my freshman year of High School, I chose to take keyboarding classes to improve my typing skills and learn about creating title pages and other documents. As a result, my family members started relying on me as their main source of computer knowledge. This experience influenced my decision to pursue a career in Administrative Assistant. That is why this paper focuses on discussing my career interest.

Secretaries, also known as Administrative Assistants, are the focus of my career interest. In this paper, I will delve into the nature of their job. To begin, let me pose a question: Approximately one in six secretaries work part-time, with others occupying temporary positions. Essential skills for secretaries and administrative assistants encompass excellent keyboarding abilities like typing at least 25 words per minute and familiarity with keyboard usage.

Technological advancements have led to a transformation in the role of office professionals, expanding the range of responsibilities for secretaries and administrative assistants. These duties commonly require prolonged periods of sitting, such as answering phone calls or entering data on computers. While executive secretaries receive satisfactory salaries, legal secretaries and administrative assistants earn lower incomes. They may encounter difficulties including eyestrain, stress, and repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The role of a secretary or administrative assistant is more intricate than it seems, involving the management of diverse information, communication with multiple individuals, and proficiency in computer and software skills. The salary range for this profession varies from below $21,000 (for the lowest 10%) to above $54,000 (for the highest 10%). Furthermore, these professionals are accountable for representing their company while carrying out their responsibilities. Employers commonly require them to possess extensive knowledge of software applications.

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