A Walk to Remember: Describe the Movie Short Summary

It has always been kind of a mystery that although love is one of the most spoken and most written words of all times, it is still one of the most unexplained mysteries of a human emotion which cannot sometimes be easily described in words. For people ask how love can bring you happiness and pain at the same time. How love can make you sane and crazy at the same time. How love can change you and how love can make you accept the things you were not used to, for those things can be change, which sometimes in life you got to make changes in order to live a better and longer healthier life, for change is central concept in modern life.

A Walk to Remember is one of my favorite movies, since I was inspired by someone that I got the chance to see it and then fell in love with the movie, and it really had an extra-ordinary love story which this movie had big impact on me. The film is based upon a novel by Nicholas Sparks, an amazing writer and author of novels such as The Notebook and The Lucky One, which I really like a lot as well. It’s a must-see movie that that can and will inspire anyone about life and love, and so much more.

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This emotional movie can help a lot of people to believe in and trust others, such as yourself and to have faith and believing that anything is possible in life. I loved this movie more than words can express, I guess for countless reasons; it’s an inspiring, and lovely and unbelievably touching movie that it can touch a lot of people in so many ways. This movie had an impact on me, which made me change as well in some ways, for life is better sometimes to go through changes that are better, for people have to realize that life cannot be lived without sometimes changing things in you when circumstances require you to do so.

What I found inspiring about watching this movie, is that it made me aspire to be more myself, that I didn’t have to hide who I was, to believe in myself and not care about what others think of me, and to be so sweet and inspiring. That was some of the changes that I made to myself, and I always like to make new changes, for I don’t want to be stuck in the past, but to being a better me and as a person to the people that I love and who are a part of my life.

One of the reasons I love this movie, it’s that’s its one of the best movies and it had two great characters, the character of Mandy Moore playing the role of Jamie Sullivan and Shane Wes playing the role of Landon Carter. The storyline of the movie was well done and movie shows how the boy, Landon, falls in love with the girl, Jamie, that is a complete opposite of him. Because they were opposites and different from each other, they learned from each other and filled in each other’s weaknesses.

Jamie sees the good in Landon and brings the good out of him, something which he never expected to happen. Together, Jamie and Landon help each other through the hard times that they were about trying to face and to overcome. When Landon finds out that Jamie is dying of cancer, he had shown denial and became upset. Jamie had been facing the facts long before she had met him and in even accepting her cancer. Jamie since couldn’t help herself much in getting any better, felt the responsibility to help Landon through the grief process. and with time he goes through the steps of the grieving process Jamie’s help. This makes Landon like her even more and loving her more which makes it harder to except the fact that she is not going to be with him for long. What I found amazing in this movie, is that the inner strength and will power of Mandy’s character. The ability to face death with a smile in one’s face due to living life to the fullest cannot be for some people, yet some know how to try the best in making it longer and worthwhile.

This was a great movie as well filled with great inspirational songs, which it amazed me and how Jamie was able to transform others to look past the superficial and into the depths of the heart, which not many can do that in life, but it takes the right people to do that in life. Beside an almost overwhelming love story, I should say this as well about the girl, Jamie as well, even though she knew she was dying and yet still living her life to the fullest, she could had turned depressed and turn away from her beliefs, which is what most people do when they are faced with tragedy.

What people should understand in life sometimes is that when a tragedy is expected to strike, it’s better to learn how to deal with it and try and to do the best you can, then rather being depressed and turning to drugs, alcohol or whatever someone can think of. Sometimes in life, you got to accept to try and face things with a positive view about life and to have faith and hope in facing it, and always to understand that there are people who are a part of your life that care and love you and won’t easily abandon you or give up on you when sometimes you are the one who wants to give up on yourself.

What should be known about the movie, A Walk to Remember is that’s its somewhat like the book except for there being a few differences that were not the same as in the movie, like the storyline and a few characters. What I really liked about the movie is that it related to the morals and values of Life and Death class in many ways and it can really have an impact on people and to the society around us. The movie can be said to be a perfect selection to teach us all how to be a better person and see the good side of other individuals and among other things.

In conclusion, I should say that the movie “A Walk to Remember” exemplifies morals and values that guide a person throughout their life. Morals and values differ from individual to individual, for not everyone is the same in life and most of us are different from one another. One thing that can be said about this movie is that it is a good example of the grieving process that each and every person will go through at least one day in their lives. This movie should also be noted as well as a good example of coping with happiness and grief that we all face in our lives or will face at least in life.

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