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Abby’s Lament Summary

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  • Pages 2
  • Words 266
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    In the article, “Abby’s Lament: Does Literacy Matter?”, author Robert P. Yagelski makes a strong point to Abby that her voice is heard along with all the other young people in the world. Abby argues that her voice is not heard because society does not care about people her age. I would agree more with the author on this subject because I think that young people’s voices are heard. Most times the voices of youth are not heard as easily as older people because in most cases older people are more knowledgeable in what they are talking about, but if younger people try hard enough to make their voices heard, then their voice will always be heard.

    I think that in a way Abby is kind of contradicting herself by saying that her voice isn’t heard, but it is because she is arguing with Yagelski and all the other students are hearing her voice. Without even realizing it Abby was making a difference by speaking out and standing up for what she believed. That supports Yagelski’s argument because everybody, no matter what age, has a say if they are willing to speak out.

    Yagelski also argues that being literate does matter because more people will be willing to listen and support you if you are literate. Abby says that being literate when it comes to modern electronics will help her in society and it will show her peers that she can make a difference. I think that everyone’s voice can be heard if they are willing to try to be heard.

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