Lament – Gillian Clarke, Poem Imagery Analysis

Gillian Clarke. the author of Lament. uses imagination in his verse form in the signifier of animate beings and nature to show the effect of war and greed on the inexperienced person. He uses nature imagination to demo that the really thing that was meant to foster us is being destroyed. Clarke uses imagination to mourn the devastation of the inexperienced person and nature. He besides uses imagination to demo how shocking the effects of human nature are to its milieus.

Clarke explains that “for vengeance” “the green turtle” suffers with “her pulsating load in hunt for the genteelness ground” and that for something that starts life. she is being put at load for. He points that from this load. which was put on to her by human nature. “her eggs laid in the nest of sickness” . When Clarke uses this image he intensifies the thought that the guiltless egg can non take its life and lies in the birth topographic point of illness. All of this is because of the same cause. and Clarke shows us that by reiterating the word “For” . We as the reader connect with the thought as Clarke uses his images with the life rhythms and the inexperienced person.

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The thought of mother nature is truly emphasized in the verse form. Clarke uses imagination to stand for this image. He gives nature a comforting “lap” which shows us that nature is really nurturing. The word “lap” is an image of comfort and a mother-like characteristic. therefore it represents the thought of mother nature. The consequence of this is that we feel more sorrow as we read through the verse form ; we feel that we are destructing something that gives us a place. nutrient. and much more.

Clarke makes us see that it is non onlz us who are in the “ocean’s lap” but the “cormorants in his funeral silk… the Dugong dugon and the mahimahis. ” and something every bit monolithic as the giant ; they are the 1s enduring from the devastation of the lap. which is caused by worlds. harmonizing to the author. He uses these animate beings to do us recognize that guiltless animals besides are under the attention of nature. and as we destroy nature. we are destructing life itself for many.

It is non merely the inexperienced person creatures that are enduring. but within our ain sort. Clarke uses an guiltless “boy who joined for the company. ” to demo us that even kids are traveling into war for cockamamie grounds and finally in vain. This male child is “the farmer’s son” and we are brought back to this thought that the guiltless hapless boy of some male parent. is enduring. The fact that he is someone’s boy makes us associate to the father’s sorrow of holding his boy shipped of to war. It could hold been anyone’s boy but the writer says a husbandman. so we imagine this child with a hapless background and a low yesteryear traveling into war.

War is something in this verse form that is described indirectly. The thought of war is brought up by the usage of all the images of deceasing races. It is besides brought up by the effects of war on the Earth itself. “The burned Earth and the Sun put” symbolizes that war and greed has burnt the Earth and female parent nature. It besides mentions that the Sun is put out. intending that something that gives visible radiation and life. is put out. The Sun is the beginning of visible radiation of a new twenty-four hours. without it there is no new twenty-four hours. and so the life rhythm ends.

The poet so uses this image of “the ashes of language” . Language is something that is used to pass on. Without linguistic communication the universe is barbarian. Communication is something that is destroyed when war and greed takes topographic point and hence. the author summarizes the effects of war in greed in this sentence as pandemonium. Gillian Clarke uses these images of nature and life to show this concluding effect.

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