Lament for the Littlest Fellow by Edith L. Tiempo Pragmatic Approach Essay

In the poem, there are intervals, incoherence, and even inconsistency that make the poem a little confusing and interesting. In the author’s point of view, everyone is a marmoset. A marmoset is monkey but in the story it was referring to a little one.

The poem is about a woman who was compared by her husband to a monkey. The little marmoset is looking out of his cage with eyes very much like those of the old men.The husband holds his wife’s hand in the bars of the cage, which is why the one inside the cage would think that the one who holds the bars of the cage is the one inside the cage and now the marmoset thinks that he already has a companion. Now his wife is being confused of what his husband is saying and why his husband keeps on forcing her that she’s a marmoset.

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Lament for the Littlest Fellow by Edith L. Tiempo Pragmatic Approach
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On the second stanza, The husband is now acting like he has a supreme power over his wife and when they get off the bed his husband wants to have you know the thing happened at night with the only couples could do but the wife rejected him which made her husband mad and forced her to do a sexual intercourse or “marital rape” which let her felt that she was belittled by him. In the poem, it says that the monkey or the marmoset is the one in the cage and not free but later in the second stanza, the idea of the man is also in a cage and not free.What is being said is a “living cage” which can talk about the physical body, and problems in life. The monkey can be literally in a bondage but men’s soul will never be free from the physical body, not until death comes.

The idea of the poem is that a man can never experience the freedom from our life and will never escape the sad reality of life aside from the force of death. Moreover, men are also imprisoned by our own trials, burdens, and problems in life, making the man lesser privileged over the other.

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