The Need to Know About Abortions

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An abortion is to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus has developed enough to live outside the uteru.MeyersTamara (2009). Florida Abortion Laws state: The statutory definition of illegal abortionist the termination of a pregnancy during the last trimester which does not meet requirements of legal abortions. Partial Birth Abortion: Prohibited except when necessary to save the life of a mother, when her life is physically endangered and no other and no other medical procedure would suffice for that purpose. Statutory Definition for legal Abortion: Regulated only in last trimester, necessary to save life or to preserve health of mother and requires two Physicians certification of medical necessity, unless one physician certifies need for medical abortion and no second physician available. Florida Abortion Laws-States Law (2003). An abortion can be one of many choices for an unwanted pregnancy, but an abortion should not be the only choice to end an unwanted pregnancy. There are different types of abortions, depending on how far along is the pregnancy. There are different methods use to perform abortions. Abortions can be done surgically or by the pill known as the morning after pill. An abortion is one of many choices to end an unwanted pregnancy; however an abortion should not be the only option. Before an abortion is performed, the mother or mother to be should be well informed of her choices, the consequences and what to expect before, during and after an abortion. There are different types of abortions .There are the spontaneous abortions, the induced abortions and the morning after pill.

Title of Paper :The Need to Know About Abortions
An abortion is the expulsion of a fetus voluntary or involuntary. There are different types of abortions .There are induced abortions, spontaneous abortions which can be considered to be an in-clinic abortion. There is also the abortion pill, which is considered to be.

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