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It is crucial to advocate for pro-choice beliefs because advocating for pro-life beliefs contradicts the fact that over 70 thousand women die each year due to unsafe abortions. Therefore, it is essential for the nation to embrace a pro-choice stance. Supporters of pro-choice argue that women should have the freedom to decide how they handle their body and unborn child, while also supporting the right to privacy. To illustrate this point, consider a situation where a woman is raped and becomes pregnant as a result. In such a distressing circumstance, she chooses to have an abortion because raising a child conceived through rape would be extremely traumatizing.

Supporters of abortion rights show empathy and solidarity towards women who are criticized and often accused of being murderers by those against abortion. Sometimes, women who choose to have abortions face harassment for making decisions about their own bodies. This harassment can escalate into violent acts categorized as anti-abortion. People who align with the “pro-life” position engage in stalking, making threats, and even committing violence against both women seeking abortions and the medical professionals providing these services.

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Both pro-life and pro-choice perspectives have their own arguments. Pro-life advocates prioritize the right to life for all children, irrespective of the mother’s capacity to care for them. They emphasize the importance of safeguarding and valuing these lives, even if both the child and mother would encounter daily challenges.

On the other hand, proponents of pro-choice advocate for a fifteen-year-old girl who unintentionally becomes pregnant after losing her virginity without fully understanding the consequences. They highlight the significance of empowering individuals to exercise self-governance over their reproductive rights.

The option of keeping the child would lead to her eviction, financial incapacity to care for the baby, and discontinuation of her education. Conversely, opting for abortion would spare her from these challenges; however, she would have to face the emotional aftermath of terminating the pregnancy. Pro-choice advocates maintain that she can gain wisdom from her choice and ultimately assert autonomy over decisions concerning her own body.

While “Pro Life supporters” argue that giving up a child for adoption is a superior option to abortion, it must be recognized that these children may end up in subpar foster homes until they reach adulthood. Unfortunately, when they turn 18 years old, they are left without any support and could potentially find themselves homeless. As a result, this difficult truth forces women considering abortion to contemplate the conditions their child might face in foster care – conditions that may not necessarily be better than keeping the child.

Managing the emotional aftermath of an abortion can be challenging, particularly when confronted with the uncertain future of the child relinquished forever. It is worth mentioning that Catholic women, despite their religion’s pro-life stance, are 29% more inclined than Protestant women to undergo an abortion. However, they share a similar inclination as all women in making this decision.

Abortion in Christianity has been considered a form of homicide since Pope Sixtus V’s declaration. However, the 19th century witnessed an increase in discussions regarding this matter. Pro-life advocates recognize certain situations where abortion may be deemed necessary. For example, if a woman’s life is endangered due to health or fetal complications, an abortion might be essential. It is argued that mortality risks related to childbirth are ten times greater than those associated with abortion.

This highlights the difficulty in determining the legality of abortion as it relies on individual circumstances. Around 14,000 women choose abortion after being victims of rape. Moreover, millions of abortions occur each year. It is essential to contemplate the repercussions if these abortions did not happen, particularly considering the current global overpopulation problem: our planet already supports over 7 billion individuals, and our finite resources are depleting rapidly. Supporters of the pro-life movement frequently disregard the specific situations, motivations, and potential benefits connected to abortion.

Although abortion is often seen as immoral, it is important to acknowledge that many women have valid reasons for choosing this option. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain legal status for abortion because it often emerges as the best choice for individuals facing a difficult decision. The pro-choice movement supports and protects individuals by recognizing that ultimately, it is the woman’s life that is at stake. It is not the government’s role to deny us, the people, this freedom. After all, our nation was founded on principles of liberty and women should be allowed to exercise their right to choose.

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