Debate on Teen Pregnancies and Abortions

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The professional literature estimates that “one in three women on Medicaid would choose portion if coverage were provided but instead continue a pregnancy to term against their will, as they feel it is their only choice” (Ely, Dulles, 2010, p. 665). Article Critique The Ely, Dulles (2010), article made an excellent point about poor women not being able to afford abortions and taking their money for food, rent, etc to pay for the procedure to get done. Poor women may not want anyone to know that they are pregnant and they would rather pay for the procedure themselves, than to hear the negative opinions from parents, friends, or relatives.

The fifth argument focuses on teen pregnancy. There is an article that issued new evidence about the policy effects of restrictive state abortion laws on teen pregnancy. The data from this study indicate that the “price of abortion, Medicaid funding restrictions, and an informed consent law all reduce their frequency of unprotected sexual activity or increasing their use of contraceptives resulting in fewer unwanted teen pregnancies” (Meddle, 2010, p. 188). This study examined pregnancy rates of teens between the ages of 15-17.

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This information implies that teens respond to public policies that increase the cost of an abortion by increasing their level of pregnancy avoidance” (Meddle, 2010, p. 88). Article Critique The Meddle (2010) article did a good job explaining how teen pregnancy between the ages of 15-17 has a positive effect on abortion rates and pregnancy rates. This data suggests that teens are making better choices regarding sex and using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy..

Cons on the Able-bodied Poor In the Hastened article (2000), it discussed how welfare departments have changed, but certain features have remained the same about the “able- bodied poor” (p. 348). According to this article, these “type of people are viewed as deviants and “others”; ensuring that the giving of aid will not corrode the ark ethic; and upholding the moral code about family values, gender, and ethnicity by degrading the poor” (Hastened, 2000, p. 348).

Even though welfare departments have specific departments that handle different issues, they will always use their client’s status of being poor as a guide to stereotype them. (Hastened, 2000, p. 349). Article Critique The Wakefield article relates to the abortion controversy because during the debate, the discussion has been on poor women receiving assistance from Medicaid to pay for abortions. This article discriminated against poor people who are able to do for themselves. People who receive public assistance should be treated fairly without discrimination.

There are many different economic factors that the article did not address that can affect a person being poor like unemployment, education, lack of resources, or mental health issues. More research needs to be conducted on this study for it to be effective. The sixth question is has the Roe vs.. Wade decision shown a positive effect on abortion? The Roe vs.. Wade decision examined how “pro-life advocates have focused their energies, lobbying efforts and campaigns toward congress and in state legislatures” (Taylor, 1998, p. 2). As a result, abortions are legal, yet restricted on a number of levels.

These “statutory restrictions as well as other factors including education, family planning, and birth control methods have contributed to a decline in the number of abortions over the years” (Taylor, 1998, p. 12). According to the “Michigan Department of Community Health figures, abortions in Michigan have declined from 45,455 in 1980 to 30, 208 in 1996” (Taylor, 1998), p. 12). Book Critique The previous article by Taylor (1996) provided some key information about the abortion rates in Michigan. This is a huge accomplishment. This data shows that women are using more contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

Women have so many resources for family planning services, contraceptives, sex education, birth control pills, morning after pill, etc. To lower pregnancy rates in Michigan. Social Work on Psychotherapy In social work, “psychotherapies are being used to address social problems such as the social isolation of the aged, youth, the neglect and abuse of children, homelessness, drug addiction, and AIDS” (Speech, 1990, p. 354). This article examines how “psychotherapy is not useful in dealing with these types of robbers” (Speech, 1 990, p. 354).

The data in this article discussed how our mission in social work practices, “must be to build a meaning, a purpose, and a sense of obligation for the community, not one by one” (Speech, 1990, p. 355). By creating a community that we establish we have a basis for commitment, obligation, and social support” (Speech, 1990, p. 355). Speech (1990) suggests, that “psychotherapy will not enable us to build communities, and the farther down the psychotherapeutic path we go, the less effective we will be in achieving our true mission” (Speech, 1990, p. 355).

Article Critique The Speech (1990) article looks at social work in a negative way. Social work practice has to deal with people on the Macro level. Social workers look at the whole picture when working with the elderly, homeless, abused and neglected children, mentally ill, poor, people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and AIDS. By working in the field with many different clients, you have to help one client at a time. When you help clients on an individual basis, you as the worker build a rapport with the client and you get a better sense of their needs.

Social Work Practice with Vulnerable Populations Social workers in today’s society deal with vulnerable populations that live oppressed lives. These people feel powerless and feel like there is nobody who can help them with their problems. When “community, and family supports are weak or unavailable and when internal resources are unavailable, these populations are vulnerable to physical, cognitive, emotional, social deterioration” (Jittering, 1 991, p. 1) As social workers provide social services to the disadvantaged and to vulnerable populations, the task is more difficult to fulfill.

The “problems that clients face steady increase, but the amount of sources have decreased” (Jittering, 1991 p. 1). Book Critique In the Jittering (1991) book, he did a fabulous job with explaining how social workers try to advocate for clients, but the lack of resources makes it harder for them to be successful. Vulnerable populations can be a challenge to work with, but once you establish the rapport with these clients, you get a better idea of what types of help they need.

These group of people are more willing to trust you and you have a better chance of empowering them to be successful. Conclusion With all of the research that has been done on abortion, I feel that Medicaid would only cover the costs of abortion if a woman has been raped, she has been a victim of incest, or her life is in danger. I feel that if Medicaid provided coverage for abortions, women would take advantage of the system. Abortions are very expensive. Unfortunately, I got pregnant when I was getting ready to graduate from high school.

At the time, I was not married and I was not ready to have a family. I was not working at the time and didn’t have any money for an abortion. I told my mom about the situation and she went to the abortion clinic with me and gave me the money to have the procedure. One. The procedure was $300. 00. Was lucky to have my parents as my support system. There are a lot of women in today’s society, who don’t have family or friends to help them in any situation. Women need to be empowered to make better decisions about their health and well-being.

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