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What is a rebuttal Essay

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To help stop so many babies from being aborted I think that Roe v. Wade should be limited and have analyses, so that it only protects necessary abortions that are medically necessary. Every year, almost 150,000 women in the U. S. Along have abortions past the first trimester, meaning that every year, abortions does not Just remove so-called “non- viable” tissues, but kills 150,000 viable babies. This also happens all over the world, most prominently in place like China and India where having a son is not Just a desire but a need.

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What is a rebuttal
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This problem runs so deeply in the arguments of our country and others, that unethical medical procedures are being ignored. America is a country of freedom, a country where people can make their own choices. Many people who are pro-choice believe that women should be given the freedom to choose, and by doing so, seem to align themselves with American ideals of freedom. But they are wrong. This is why many have decided to shun pro life advocates.

Another reason, is that no one is willing to compromise on vague definitions of terms used in abortion acts.

For example, the Medical Merriam- Webster Online dictionary defines viability as “The quality or state of being viable: the ability to live, grow, and develop”. A question that has never been able to be answer with certainty is ‘ when does the fetus become viable? ‘ The U. S. Is the only major country who has no standard definition of viability. It shows that viability can be seen in 15% of all babies at 23 weeks, 50% at 24 weeks, and 79% at 25 weeks. If a woman is willing to have sex, she is knowingly taking the chance of getting pregnant.

The society we live in now has many ways to prevent pregnancy. There is birth control pills, condoms, DID, diaphragm, foam since some people can’t take the pill it makes them sick. To avoid pregnancy a women needs to have safe sex. If she effuses to use contraception and gets pregnant as a result, that’s her fault, and her responsibility. Choosing to have an abortion is a difficult decision a woman may feel like she may have to make if she had only chose to practice safe sex.

Many women are getting abortions out of choice rather than not being medically necessary. More than 95 percent of abortions are done out of convenience. In some case women are dying or getting seriously injured from the abortion procedure. Since abortion is legal, women are Just using it as a form of birth control. Some places will do abortions up to the 25th week of pregnancy and the baby is establishing a play and nap routine and recognizes your voice and is skin is starting to look more like a newborn.

Abortions should only be done if they are medically necessary and this needs to be enforced by Justice courts. New laws need to be made so that all these innocent babies that didn’t ask to be brought into this world can be given the fair chance they deserve. I think both the mother and father should be held responsible for the choice they made. If nothing else adoption is another option that gives that baby the life the deserve. Abortion is a self act for someone who doesn’t want to be responsible.

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