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Edward snowden is a hero:rebuttal

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    Edward Snowmen has been referred as a Hero in various news media and several newspaper articles. Edward Snowmen is one of the biggest traitors our country has ever seen. Douglas Rushmore from CNN refers to Snowmen as a Hero. Snowmen is compared to whistle blower Daniel Lesser for leaking the “Pentagon Papers” . The “Pentagon Papers” have nothing to do with taking 4 laptops of information of every surveillance program the United States has and defecting the amount.

    Edward Snowmen claims he started as security guard for the National Security Agency. He went on to work for the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006 in the information technology department. He also claims to have worked for civilian contractors employed by intelligence and security agencies from Switzerland to Japan. Edwards Snowman’s career could not verified because of National Security. The last three months before fleeing the country, Snowmen worked for a consulting firm, Bose Allen Hamilton, Kina Signal Intelligence Operations Center, in Hawaii.

    This is a secret facility located underground in proximity to Wheeler Army Airfield. In May 2013, Edward Snowmen exposed the existence and functions of several programs employed by the United States and British intelligence agencies to monitor Internet and phone communication, notably PRISM, NSA call database, Boundless Informant, and Tempore. The Guardian, a British newspaper whose online offering makes it the second more popular British newspaper website, published the information. He has told the world how the Unites States and United Kingdom have been monitoring communications to catch terrorists.

    Douglas Rushmore wrote “Snowmen is a hero because he realized that our very humanity was being compromised by the blind implementation of machines in the name of making us safe (Rushmore, 2013, Called a defector, leakier defends his decision)”. Rushmore and various media outlets do not realize he defected with 4 laptops of every spy program the CIA and the NSA use. This is the biggest act of espionage this country has ever seen. The media also does not realize the significance of him initially trying to defect to China. He worked in the Kina Tunnel, a Hawaiian facility that intercepts Chinese communications.

    He has significant knowledge on how we spy on China. I know this for fact because I worked in Kina Tunnel for 3 years while I was stationed in Hawaii. Snowmen also claims he is familiar with Chinese Mandarin language like most who work in Kina. Congress was well aware of the potential threat of Snowmen seeking asylum with the Chinese. He fled to China with laptops containing detailed blueprints of how the NSA and CIA conduct certain surveillance operations. Fortunately, China wanted nothing to do with him for fear of bad relations with the United States . Several experts believe China copied the opts anyways but it cannot be proven.

    Snowmen was given temporary asylum in Russia at the dismay of the United States. Douglas Rushmore and several other media outlets claim he is hero out of ignorance. They claim he exposed the world that the United States was illegally monitoring our privacy. Who cares if a computers data log our privacy looking for keywords that terrorist use if it makes us safer. The Pentagon might need to spend billions to overcome the damage done to military security by Edward Snowman’s release of classified intelligence documents (Copra, 2014). The NSA also said it will eke decades to overcome the damage of Snowmen defecting to China and Russia.

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