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Global and Public Health: Community Emergency Preparedness

American Red Cross


Words: 1703 (7 pages)

The forest fire has caused smoky conditions and decreases the air quality for people living in the community. With these conditions many people within the neighborhood are affected. The episode continued by explaining and exploring the different people involved and suffered from this forest fire. It showed the emotional, physical, and mental ailments of those…

Informative Speech Sample

American Red Cross

Informative Speech

Words: 561 (3 pages)

General Purpose: To InformSpecific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance of The Red Cross and its importance of communicating within the organisation. Cardinal Idea: The Red Cross was created to protect us all and our wellness without establishing things on our race. spiritual beliefs and nationality. among many other things. Introduction I. Attention-Getter:…

My Senior Project: A Blood Drive

American Red Cross


Words: 439 (2 pages)

For my senior project I was determined to do something that would help others out and be a help to me also, so I wanted to do a blood drive. I decided to do a blood drive because I was in Allied Health classes, and I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to get…

Clara Barton and the American Red Cross


American Red Cross

Words: 1335 (6 pages)

Clara Barton Clara Harlow Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford, Massachusetts. She was the youngest of five children. Clara was taught at home and started teaching school when she was only fifteen years old. Her only nursing background was having the experience of nursing her injured brother back to health. Clara Barton…

Public Health and Medical Services

American Red Cross

Public Health

Words: 709 (3 pages)

It’s a mid-September evening, the day is coming to an end as a family watches the evening news about a hurricane that is off the coast. Earlier in the week the need to evacuate was no longer an immediate issue after the hurricane made a turn out to the ocean, or so people thought. With…

The American Red Cross: Job Prospects


American Red Cross

Words: 418 (2 pages)

The American Red Cross is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides various humanitarian services for free. The three most important concepts that the organization should consider are the mission statement, the recruitment of other volunteers, and the capability to maintain fiscal control. These concepts will enable the American Red Cross to remain consistent with its…

Frequently Asked Questions about American Red Cross

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What are the benefits of joining the Red Cross?
They help victims of disaster, provide care and comfort to ill and injured service members and veterans, teach others lifesaving skills such as First Aid and CPR, help staff blood drives and much more. Red Cross volunteers respond to an average of more than 62,000 disasters every year.
What is the purpose of the American Red Cross and why was it created?
In 1881, after observing the success of the International Red Cross in Europe, social reformer and nursing pioneer Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross to provide assistance for Americans suffering from disasters or serving on the battlefield.
What is the Red Cross most known for?
The Red Cross is an international humanitarian network founded in 1863 in Switzerland, with chapters worldwide that provide assistance to victims of disasters, armed conflict and health crises.
Why is the American Red Cross important?
The American Red Cross helps vulnerable people around the world to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, armed conflicts and life- threatening health conditions. The American Red Cross accomplishes these goals by working within the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network.

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