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Was Gangsterism the Most Important Problem in 1920s America?


Words: 976 (4 pages)

The Roaring Twenties was a dramatic time of change for America. Many industries grew largely such as entertainment, as well as radical changes taking place for instance, the new rights and cultural expectation changes for women. However, this period also brought its fair share of problems, one of which was gangsterism. This essay will explore…

The strengths and weaknesses of the American Political system



Words: 2736 (11 pages)

Identify and comment on what you see to be the strengths and/or weaknesses of the American system as far as the topics in this section are concerned. The constitutional system of the United States is a puzzling aspect of an American’s life. Many do not understand. Some think they understand it and with their slight…

Escaping Eurocentric America


Words: 1317 (6 pages)

Escaping the Eurocentric American Stranglehold Ethnic variety is one of the defining characteristics of the American people. The American people, however, define themselves based on their cultural background. Armando Rendon and Judith Ortiz Cofer are two writers with passionate perspectives on encroaching Anglo assimilation. Rendon reflects on his near loss and reclamation of cultural identity…

The Conflict Between Great Britain and the North American Colonies


North America

Words: 750 (3 pages)

“Despite the view of some historians that the conflict between Great Britain and its thirteen North American colonies was economic in origin, in fact the American Revolution had its roots in politics and other areas of American life. ” Great Britain and the American colonies had a relationship impacted with many hardships. I believe that…

The Great State of Tennessee


Words: 774 (4 pages)

THE TENNESSEE TOURIntro music: Rocky Top (Speakers come down center aisle dressed as famous Tennesseans. Each stops at top of steps and waves, then goes to place.)Davy Crockett: Evening folks. We’re here to tell you all about the great state of Tennessee. I’m Davy Crocket, and I crossed the Appalachian Mtns to help settle the…

The Hope America Provides For All



Words: 2390 (10 pages)

America is the most immigrated country in the world, taking in over a million immigrants each year. The history of the United States and the monumental figures that fill the government shoes have formed hope for the future. People like Abe Lincoln for example and his hopeful speeches in some dark times in our country,…

The Contract of America


Words: 1844 (8 pages)

Contract With America In the historic 1994 midterm elections, Republicans won a majority in Congress for the first time in forty years, partly on the appeal of a platform called the Contract with America. Put forward by House Republicans, this sweeping ten-point plan promised to reshape government. Its main theme was the decentralization of federal…

Stereotypes of Mexican Americans



Words: 586 (3 pages)

Stereotypes of Mexican Americans  In the play “Los Vendidos,” meaning the sell-outs, Luis Valdez presents and tackles the perennial issues that belligerently affect the psychosocial aspects of how the society at large sees Mexican-Americans. One of the most apparent subject matter is the stereotypical views towards Mexicans in America. This play which was first staged in…

The American Promise Summary


Words: 993 (4 pages)

The American Promise Throughout the world, the United States is infamous for its guaranteed freedom to its citizens. People travel from all around many different parts of the world to get a taste of the lifestyle and opportunity the United States citizen’s are offered everyday. This nation thrives on preserving our personal freedoms, property, and…

American Values and Beliefs



Words: 534 (3 pages)

Time change, values change. I was involved into deep thinking by this problem. Every person has own values. There are different type of values: historical, family, state, economical, religious, individual and many others. However, every person should choose what value is? This choice depends on personal qualities. Such as good up brining, honesty, intelligence, education,…

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