About Taking Part In ENGWR 300 Class

I have been in the United States since August of 2016. Being an International student, I speak English as a second language back in my country. I was not satisfied with my English writing before I join this class. Being a British English speaker, American English was very new and challenging to me. ENGWR 50 has been such a useful and interesting class for me. In each of my essays and assignments, I can notice the strong points and the amount of details provided in each one.

I did not know how to write an essay because the British education system focuses on grammar. As a result, I faced challenges while adjusting to the American writing system. I think, taking this class was essential for my development because before that, I was still afraid of expressing my ideas. This was a product of a prior writing style, which I was exposed to that did not allow me to think outside the boxes.

As I take a step back and look at my high school days, I realize that I was truly in a need of a English class like this. ENGWR 50 was my first college English class. During my high school, English was like a blow because not every students took it seriously and it was even hard to learn from. I do not nearly compares the samples of writing that I wrote in high schools to the writing that I am currently writing in this class because they are totally different in their own way. During high school, most of the time I put little too no effort into the works I turned in.

Walking into my first day of this class on a college, I thought English was going to really give me a challenge, and it did but only to a certain extent. When I began to write my first paper, I made sure to understand all of the guidelines that were mentioned in a article because the only thing I wanted to make sure is to include everything in my paper that was required. Even though there were an assignments that we need to submit every day in this class, it was pretty useful for me to understand the statements and also the guidelines that I need to read and improve throughout my writing.

After finishing a bunch of assignments ( for example:- annotations, journals, summary and responses of an article) and three different essays for this class, I now have a clear picture of what writing is supposed to be like and what we really need to careful on while writing an essays. The most important thing that I learned is that, clear and organized are two words that we need to be careful on. I also learned to addressed my writing in a positive way. I now realized that, even though I took so many english classes back in high school, ENGWR 50 is where my writing began. The improvement that I compared in between high school and ENGWR 50 in a college, i found this class is awesome.

I actually learned how to think and write out a well organised paper. Also, the semester is about to end and I am able to see clearly how much I have improved in my writing. I have learned so many different things to improve my writing. First one is, I have learned to notice my strengths and weaknesses and later on to learn from all of them. As I got engaged in several assignments in this class the feedback that I received from my professor and a mentors helped me a lot to do so. Not only this, but my mentors helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses by editing my writing papers.

In conclusion, what I basically did and learned was I critiqued my own essay that I wrote with others and I noticed a lot of my weaknesses as well as a strength. After reflecting on each of my essays, I came to know the improvements that I have gained by taking this class this semester. I must say that this semester has been extremely beneficial to me in understanding different types of formats as well. Following MLA format in essays and work cited pages and learning how to annotated a particular essays and articles are the things I learned new in this class. Practicing these types of formats has helped me immensely. 

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