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Taking Your Health Seriously

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  • Pages 3
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    While my professors normally see me as a very focused and hardworking students based on my grades and the works I present to them, they often don’t really get to know me because of the very formal classroom setup that my college has. One trait that they normally miss is that I am a very health conscious individual.

    I take care of my body in order to keep it strong and tuned up for the tasks that I have to accomplish. I work out regularly to tone my muscles, build stronger body resistance, and de-stress. One of my philosophies as I enter my studies into med school is that prevention of a disease is still its best cure. This means keeping oneself healthy by an ample amount of physical activity, a balanced diet, and stress management.

    Another hardly known fact about me is that I am a very neat and organized person. I always want everything to be neat and clean and I make it a point to organize my things so that I can find anything quickly whenever I need it. Whenever, I’m in a disorganized room, my typical compulsion is to at least keep my area clean. Whenever I have to go on a trip, I prepare all of my things the night before so I wouldn’t have to rush anything in the morning.

    This principle is something that I learned from my mother who taught me whenever I got home from college to always organize the contents of my bags first before going to bed.Although my professors are probably unaware of it, my relatives and my closest friends know that I am very patient especially when it comes to helping people out. Oftentimes my cousin who is a freshman would call me about a certain home work that she could not understand. I would patiently discuss the assignment with her and we would not put the phone down until she understood the assignment completely.

    The same thing goes whenever my younger sister is having problems with her computer and needs me to talk instructions to her to fix it. This persistent nature when it comes to teaching others is also a trait of mine that my relatives and many of my close friends love about me. Whenever they need me to explain things, I always do so graciously and I never let them down. My ability to talk well is not constrained to private conversations but also to public ones.

    I am quite a competent public speaker who can keep an audience interested for long periods of time. My professors may think that I can hold my own during recitations in the classroom, but they don’t know the extent of my abilities when it comes to talking. When I help out with organizing cultural shows, I sometimes get tagged to be the emcee. That means filling in gaps between presentations in order to keep the audience interested.

    I always find witty comments to tell them after a particular presentation to get them laughing and ready for the next act.

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