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Introduction to Accor Company Accor was founded in 1967 by Paul Debrule and Gerard Pelisson. Accor is a European leader in hotels and tourism, global leader in corporate services. It have almost 4000 hotels from economy to upscale which are operates in nearly 100 countries with 150. 000 employees. Accor hospitality is planning to double the pace of hotel development in coming years by having a commitment to make 200. 000 new rooms between 2006 until 2010. From the pyramid below, we can see the Accor brands from budget until upper upscale hotel.

All of the Accor brands have different standards but they all have the same goal that is want to give the best quality and services to their customers. [pic] Accor vision and mission is to be a truly inclusive organization that values and promotes the differences among their employees, guest, and business partners in the achievement of their business objectives. At the heart of solidarity, the group employees of Accor commit themselves to support people in need. • Child aid: in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia Health: supporting advance in medical research and sick people, they have Fondation Greffe de Vie and The Fight Against multiple sclerosis • Culture: supports the development of culture, they have Theatre du Chatelet and The aix-en-provence festival Sofitel Hotel and Resort This is the upper upscale hotel branch of Accor. Sofitel have many branches in the city and also in a resort. Sofitel hotel chain is growing and constantly offer a new destinations and hotels to experience because this is the most luxurious brands of Accor.

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One of the resorts that Sofitel have is at Moorea Ia Ora Beach. Located on the edge of magnificent lagoon with views towards the island of Tahiti. It has 114 bungalows which are built over the water. Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort also have good facilities like 2 restaurants, a bar, conference room and business centre, golf yard, outdoor swimming pool and a day spa. Moorea has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Besides that, you can enjoy many kind of water sport whether it is a motorized or non motorized water sport such as fishing, jet skiing and many more.

Sofitel also have what is called SoBoutique, this is one of the facilities from Sofitel Hotel and Resort to the customers, this boutique sell several items from the hotels, such as the pillow, blanket, the bed and even the mattress. All of the items are design by Sofitel. Pullman Hotel Pullman hotel is a new upscale brand of Accor Group. It is catering especially to the needs of both individual business travellers and groups.

Their visions are to revisiting the art of making guests feel welcome, rediscover the meaning of hospitality, reinvent the pleasure of travel and meeting new people, and let guests relax, enjoy themselves, work and meet while attending business or events. Pullman’s comfortable facilities, flowing spaces, warm staff, and new technology offer just the right balance of tranquillity and friendliness. By re-launching Pullman, Accor plans to consolidate its position in the upscale hotel market by targeting business travellers more accurately.

The Pullman chain strengthens the coherence of the group’s portfolio of brands and makes its offer clearer and easier to understand. While Sofitel moves up-market to position itself in the upper upscale and luxury segments, Pullman provides a new and original offer of services that meets the criteria of excellence of upscale hotelier. An historic brand with strong evocative powers, Pullman has all the legitimacy to respond to the requirements of a clientele that seeks an environment combining comfort, pleasure and modernity.

Pullman recalls the name of Georges Mortimer Pullman who, in 1864, designed the first Pullman sleeping cars that were based on a technology unrivalled in the 19th century and that enabled travellers to reach distant destinations in ease and comfort, while at the same time forming genuine sociable links with their fellow passengers. Starting 2009, the Pullman network will have 59 hotels in 23 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. By 2015, they expect over 300 establishments around the world. There will be 78 hotels of Pullman’s brand at the end of 2009.

There will be 39 hotels in America; 24 hotels in Europe, including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and Romania; 10 hotels in Asia Pacific, including China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia; 3 hotels in Africa, including Morocco, Senegal, and Ivory Coast; 2 hotels in Australia, including Sydney and Brisbane. Pullman Bangkok King Power is the first Pullman Hotel in Asia Pacific, which was opened at the beginning of 2008. The Pullman brand, above all, recalls the association of travel, pleasure and comfort, which tallies exactly with this new hotel offer.

Like other great brands that have managed to evolve and renew themselves, Accor is giving a new lease of life to the Pullman name by concentrating on its founding, historic values in order to respond better to the requirements of today’s public, starting with business travellers. It was designed with the requirements of business women and men in mind. Pullman hotels provide an extensive range of tailored services, access to groundbreaking technologies and the “Co-Meeting” offer, a new approach to organising meetings, seminars and high-end incentives.

With their “Co-Meeting” service, they offer four promises to the guests: Commitment, Connectivity, Comfort, and Cohesion. Their commitment is to assist the guests with Event Manager and staffs who will stand-by 24 hours in every event. Pullman also provides their guests with the best technology for business: Wi-Fi internet, webcams, and audiovisual equipment; and IT Solutions Manager makes sure that the guests have the best tools for supporting the meeting equipment. Pullman will comfort the guests with modular spaces designed to accommodate all types of event.

This means that the space can be adapted and rooms enlarged, transformed, and customized. They also offer “chill-out spaces” that can be made private, for relaxation and socializing. They offer the innovative break activities, so that the guests can also enjoy themselves while attending an event or meeting. Novotel Hotel Novotel is the Accor Group’s international four-star brand, operates in nearly 384 hotels in 58 countries. Modernity, innovation, inviting, fluidity and services, Novotel hotels are designed to give customers a “natural living”.

Novotel’s long-term concern for the environment began as part of Accor Group’s Earth Guest programme and is now embraced as an integral part of the hotel chain’s brand. This commitment is based on three main strands of activity: drawing up appropriate construction standards; involving its employees in sustainable development on a daily basis; and involving its customers. In 2008, Novotel confirms its involvement with Sustainable Development, and commits to the international environmental certification programme, Green Globe to achieve worldwide certification of 100% of its network by 2010.

Novotel began its involvement in the Green Globe certification programme in July 2007, through an initial pilot phase, at 28 hotels in 12 countries across five continents. Today Novotel has seven certified hotels. The network’s commitment to the Green Globe programme will see more than 150 hotels in 25 countries being involved from September 2008 and April 2009. Accor Thalassa is a part of Novotel brand. It’s a hotel brand with special service.

They offer personalized seawater or thermal springs treatment programs, advice from specialists, beauty care, cultural events, and a balanced diet. Not all of novotel hotels are resorts. There are just a few of them, for example the resorts are located in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Polynesia, Egypt, Reunion, and Bahrain. The resorts are the hotels with beautiful view, for example beach. Novotel has a presence in city centres and in the main international business centres and at countless tourist destinations.

Novotel is permanently strengthening its presence on the five continents: this sustained development has been illustrated in 2007 by the opening of Novotel Istanbul Marmara in Turkey, Accor’s first adress in the Principality of Monaco – Novotel Monte Carlo – and a brand new Novotel in the heart of Vienna, Novotel Wien City. Pursuing its expansion, Novotel will be opening in 2008 its first hotel in Saudi Arabia – Novotel Al Anood Riadh -, the Novotel Beijing Phenix in China, prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, and it’s very first hotel in Argentina – Novotel Buenos Aires.

For more than 20 years the hotel chain has set the international standard in accommodating families. To meet the expectations of travelling families today, namely providing assistance from the planning first booking stage to the return home, Novotel takes its expertise beyond the simple lodging of families with the launch of the Family & Novotel label together with a new family-dedicated section on the new Novotel website and new partnerships with the top family experts: music to download with Sony BMG cards, Microsoft X Box 360 consoles, and more.

The basics of the Novotel family offer, valid all year at all network hotels without restriction, remain unchanged are free accommodation for children up to age 16 who stay in the same room as their parents or grandparents with complimentary breakfast included, late check-out on Sunday, up to 5:00 pm, personalized welcome and gifts upon arrival, comfortable family room for 2 adults and 2 children, children’s menu with balanced diet options, and play area and games for all. Novotel became a major partner of Olympique Lyonnais in 2006 when it signed a five-year partnership agreement.

The team recently became champions for the 7th consecutive year of “Ligue 1”, the most premier football league in France and popular throughout Europe, and also won the “Coupe de France” for the first time since 1973. The accomplishments mark the team’s first double championship in history. The partnership is founded on the numerous points the club and Novotel share in common: leadership ambition, team spirit and sense of innovation. Novotel benefits from the extensive range of communications media used by Olympique Lyonnais. For instance, Novotel is displayed on the players’ shirts for Championnat de France home matches and European games.

Through this deal, Novotel is reaffirming its pioneering talent alongside a team in full development. Faithful to its commitment to young people, Novotel is continuing its partnership with Danone as part of the Danone Nations Cup, the international football cup for juniors from 40 countries. Novotel’s international positioning is the focus of a new advertising campaign with the signature Novotel, designed for natural living. During the last quarter of 2006, the campaign was broadcast on TV and the press in France and the United Kingdom and European media.

This advertising campaign generated excellent results, in terms of traffic to the Novotel. com website and boosting the brand image. A prelaunch of the campaign will be slated in 2008 in Europe. Novotel won the award of Best Advertising campaign at Hospitality Awards 2007. And Novotel Asian advertising campaign was elected in the Top Five most popular print advertisements crowned by the readers of TTG within the framework of the TTG Ads That Work! in October 2007. Mercure Hotel Mercure brand is including to the midscale category within the accord brands.

Mercure is a brand of 4 stars hotel which represents the guarantee of comfort, service quality, and hospitality with each prime locations in city centers. Their hotels are located in the areas which are closed to the airport, in the mountains or at the seaside. Accordingly Mercure hotels make customers easier to aim their objectives when doing business or in the holiday. In the year of 2007, Mercure brand was the 3rd largest network in Europe and reached the rank of 16th in the world. The brand already has 690 hotels 85,969 rooms in 51 countries all around the world.

Besides of the 4 stars facilities like swimming pool, fitness centre and others, most of Mercure hotels in Europe are now equipped with Wi Fi wireless technology. The Wi Fi service is available for clients in the lobby, meeting rooms and rooms through contracts signed with major operators. Mercure also offering Mercure Apartment hotels for those who want a hotel service combined with the comfort of a private apartment. Mercure brand is respecting the personality of each of their hotels location. Their vision is to represent the hospitality know-how that makes every stay unique.

For that reason they append the culture of each country where it is located. One of the instances is Hotel Mercure Budapest Museum at Hungary. The hotel is built in the protected historical building which is located in the city center. The hotel is consists of 2 different parts which are a classical of Mediterranean-style and a modernly styled building. It has 104 sound-proof rooms with stylish decorated. Each of their rooms is equipped with air-conditioning, bathroom, phone, laptop-size safe, colour TV with satellite channels, Pay video-program, Internet on TV and laptop internet, WIFI, radio, hairdryer and minibar.

Hotel Mercure Budapest Museum is one of good quality hotels from Mercure brand to stay during business trip, weekend break or on holiday. M Gallery M Gallery is one of the Accor brands for the upscale category brand. In the early year when this brand appeared, M Gallery was built as the luxurious version of Mercure brand. In the following year, the brand had expanded as independent brand apart from Mercure brand. M Gallery is a selection of excellent hotels; their 5 stars service is resembled to boutique hotel services. Their mission is “Enjoyable Moments”, ensures guests to have something special and always enjoy an unforgettable stay.

M Gallery brand already has 17 unique member hotels located in Thailand, Caribbean Sea, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Brazil, Austria, and Switzerland). Each of hotels has each of uniqueness concepts to be parallel with their slogan ‘the art of staying’. The hotel decorations have signed by celebrated architects and decorators. M Gallery brand is already building 8 hotels in 2008 at France (Paris, Lyon, and Marseilles), Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich), Austria (Vienna), New Zealand (Queenstown), and Australia (Melbourne).

In the future, they are planning to have 40 hotels by year of 2010. M Gallery classified their hotel into 4 concepts which are historic, design, location, and vision. Each of the concepts has different uniqueness, for example is Grand Hotel Melbourne at Australia. The hotel is located in the heart of Melbourne in the heritage-listed building famous which has history for 120 years. The Grand Hotel offers greatness of Victorian heritage in their decoration. It has 103 spacious, self-contained apartment style suites with European design transports one back to the 19th century.

The Grand Hotel Melbourne shares an intimate journey to cultural traditions of Victorian heritage to customers who stay in the hotel. Suitehotel Suitehotel, is the latest addition to Accor hotels range, has been inviting you to experience a new way of hotel living since 1999. Until now that has 26 hotels in 6 countries, which are France, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Suitehotels are intended for customers who are looking for hotels that promise comfort, foster independence.

This three-star chain offers large spaces that can be privatized and rearranged, built with high quality materials and perfectly adaptable to your needs. Stay in Suitehotel they offer a 30-square-metre suite room which is a space to be lived in. Adjustable, it adapts to your wants and needs. You can transform your suite into an office or reception room, without in any way bothering the person you’re staying with. Your bathroom is equipped with a tub and separate shower. Your visitors can access the toilet without having to go through the bathroom.

At Suite Hotel you no longer have to arrive on time for breakfast, you can enjoy your breakfast whenever you like. They also will lend you camera if you forgot bring the camera. In your suite, the Suite Box provides you with high-speed Internet access, a telephone, a television (including Suite TV), videos and music on demand, play games , there are 15 games you can choose. All of these services in suite box are free and unlimited. In “Comptoirs nomades” bar where hardened travellers come to unwind while enjoying a drink. From the comfort of your armchair, travel around all five continents.

The bar’s decoration, lighting, recipes and music create a one-of-a-kind relationship between your five senses and your imagination. A selection of 50 permanent and 15 temporary drinks will provide you the opportunity to complete your travel diary as you see fit. The fitness in Suite hotel is fully. Stationary bicycling, cardio training, weight-lifting equipment and etc, you can stay in shape day and night in the Fitness Area. Your energy is a valuable resource – we help you maintain it. Every Thursday evening, from 7 to 9 pm in each of our hotels you can enjoy free relaxing massages. That way, you finish the week in tip-top shape.

You’re perfectly relaxed. Staff members frequently have an intuitive relationship with our guests, and personal recognition is made all the easier as customers often stay several days at a time. Suite hotel clients seem appreciative: 99% declare they are very satisfied or satisfied with their stay and 97% intend to recommend us to their close friends and family. Adagio hotel The Pierre & Vacances Group and Accor have combined their experience and expertise in holiday residences and hotels to create Adagio City Apart hotel, a new concept of city-centre apartments offering personalized hotel amenities.

There are 22hotels in 4 countries located in major European capitals, which are in France, Monaco, Italy, and Switzerland. These midscale and upscale apartment hotels, each with 80 to 140 apartments and located in major European capitals, are designed to enable guests to “feel right at home, far from home” during medium to long-term business or leisure stays. So the vision of Adagio hotel is “feel right at home, far from home”. The mission of Adagio hotel is “Five years from now, the joint venture is expected to comprise 50 apartment hotels across Europe”. There are fully equipped apartments with hotel amenities.

Each apartment features a full equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, abundant closet space, cable TV and an office with a direct telephone line, Internet access or Wi-Fi. They also offer a 24/7 reception desk for mail, messages, faxes and photocopies, luggage storage, a safe, a wide range of magazines and newspapers, laundry and dry cleaning services, a parking garage, on-site conference facilities, breakfast service and room service, the Adagio City Apart hotel concept is particularly aligned with the desires of today’s traveller, who want to experience a city like a local, sharing the neighbourhood lifestyle.

All Seasons All Seasons is a chain of non-standardized economy hotels that is being expanded primarily through franchise agreements. It has 30 hotels in ten countries. It comprises 50-to-100-room hotels located in downtown areas and other leading centers of activity. The brand name comes from the Australian chain that Accor has successfully developed for several years in the Asia Pacific region. The All Seasons concept is built on four solid foundations: all your need, quality, conviviality and interactivity.

The chain provides customers with an all-inclusive rate comprising the room and breakfast plus additional services. Quality is one of the brand that top priorities and the All Seasons network is committed to delivering superior products and services. Conviviality and interactivity are reflected in the welcoming attitude of staff throughout the customer stay and in the emphasis on new technologies within the hotels. In this way, All Seasons hotels meet the expectations of customers looking for the charm and distinctiveness of an independent hotel plus the assurance of quality provided by a chain.

Each hotel has its own personality and ambience while complying fully with quality standards that are aligned across the network and regularly verified. The first All Seasons hotel opened in Evry, France in mid-September 2007 and 18 other franchisees have signed on as pioneers of a chain that is expected to comprise some 40 hotels throughout the country in first-half 2008. The brand of objective is to open 10,000 rooms by 2010 in leading European cities in Germany, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom then in Asia and Australia. The All Seasons chain targets both men and women, whether traveling for business or pleasure, as well as families.

Its unique combination of friendly service and quality will appeal as much to customers who generally stay in independent hotels as to those who prefer chains. Ibis Hotel Ibis has 814 hotels in 40 countries at 12/31/2008. Ibis hotels offer excellent service and quality at the best possible prices: comfortable rooms with bathrooms, a 24-hour reception desk, a cosy bar area, snack service at any time day or night and usually a varied choice of restaurants. Ibis hotels stand out in their category by their strong concentration in city centers and easy access.

Ibis is located many countries, and the quality of the hotels are not the same. For example, in France itself, Ibis is a economy hotel, on the other hand in china, Ibis is included into 3 stars hotel. Ibis has a 15 minutes satisfaction contract. Ibis is committed to solving any little problem you have within fifteen minutes. Otherwise, you will be our guest. Ibis became the first international hotel chain to be awarded ISO 9002 certification in 1997. The certification, issued by Bureau Veritas Quality International, vouches for the professionalism of the staff and the soundness of the organisation.

Between 2007 and 2010, ibis will experience the strongest growth period in its history, expanding by 40% on five continents. Motel 6 Motel 6 has 951 hotels in 2 countries. Motel 6 established in 1962 in Santa Barbara, California, Motel 6 is a leader in budget hotels in the United States and is also present in Canada. The chain offers its clients many free services: cable television with premium channels like HBO and ESPN, free local calls, free coffee in the morning, non-smoking rooms and a program of free accommodation for children -all at the lowest price charged by any American hotel chain.

Motel 6 guarantees the best quality for the price at all of its hotels. With the newest Studio 6 product, customers needing accommodations for more than a few nights can enjoy a new type of room: low weekly rates, more spacious accommodations, with a fully equipped kitchen, a larger work space, message service and many other amenities. Etap Hotel Etap has 388 hotels in 10 countries at December 2008. Etap Hotel is implanted in Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

Etap Hotel offers a cunning and comfortable overnight solution which makes it the good address for smart travelers. The room can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 people, with a double bed and bunk, bathroom and TV. The brand proposes a selection of national and international, rolling news, sport and movie channels. To make sure Etap Hotel’s customers get the best possible start to the day, the brand offers its guests an unlimited buffet breakfast. 24-hour vending machines serving hot and cold drinks and snacks are available in the hotel reception area. Formule 1 Formule 1 has 94 hotels in 13 countries at December 2008.

Formule 1 is the cheapest price of the hotel business chain for 1 to 3 persons. The goal is to create a more contemporary room while offering customers the lowest price in the market. This vast renovation project, which will produce its initial results in 2007, is intended to strengthen the brand of leadership in the low-cost hotel segment. References http://accor. com/gb/groupe/en_bref/accor_en_bref. asp http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/activites_hotellerie. asp http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/sofitel. asp www. sofitel. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/pullman. sp www. pullmanhotels. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activiteshotellerie/marques/novotel. asp www. novotel. com www. novotelclarkequay. com. sg www. novotelbali. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/mgallery. asp http://www. mgallery. com/hotel-cms/gb/hotel/index_page_hotel_3029. shtml http://www. grandhotelmelbourne. com. au/ http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/mercure. asp http://www. mercure. com/gb/hotel-2995-mercure-budapest-museum/index. shtml http://www. budapesthotels. com/hotels/muzeum. asp http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/suitehotel. sp www. suitehotel. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/adagio. asp www. adagio-city. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/ibis. asp www. ibishotel. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/allseasons. asp www. all-seasons-hotels. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/formule1. asp www. hotelformule1. com http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/motel6. asp http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/studio6. asp http://accor. com/gb/groupe/activites/hotellerie/marques/thalassa. asp

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