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Sofield Digital, Company Profile

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Sofield Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd (SOFIELD Digital), Co. No. 862629D, formally known as Sarasutra Logistics Sdn Bhd is a 100% Bumiputra-owned Company and was established on 30th. Jun 2009 with paid up capital of RM 100,000.00. The Company assumed its current name on December 2013 and shall commence its business operation in January 2014. The Head Office address is at Lot 8, Grace Square 1, Pantai Sembulan Road, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, SABAH. Our Corporate Office is located at No. 189, Block E-11-4, Megan Avenue 1, Persiaran Hampshire, Off Jln. Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.


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Sofield Digital, Company Profile
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The directors of the SOFIELD Digital are En. Saiful Redzuan bin Suhaili and En. Syahirul Fauzee bin Suhaili. The new additional director to be appointed is En. Syahirul Fazly bin Suhaili, he is also the COO of the company. Dato’ Suhaili Abdul Rahman is the major shareholder of Sofield Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd. Dato’ Suhaili also holds majority shareholding in Sofield Marine & Offshore Sdn Bhd, a company actively involved in the provisioning of ship management, ship broking and marine consultancy services.

Dato ‘ Suhaili Abdul Rahman is a former Member of Parliament of Labuan and a former Chairman of Labuan Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) University of London and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing Strategy, University of Hull , United Kingdom. All directors play active roles in managing the business.

(1) Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Amran Abdul Rahman has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Sofield Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd in December 2013. Amran has over 25 years of working experience in the telecommunications field and is a member of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He started his career in 1981 in various industries, including finance & banking, petroleum, insurance, retail and government sector. In the telecommunications front, Amran has managed the sales & marketing, business development, regional operations and special project of companies such as TM Touch, Celcom and KUB Telekomunikasi, Sector Solutions, Green Packet Berhad and ALTEL Communications Sdn Bhd. He began his career in ICT sector when he joined Giat Electronic Sdn Bhd (Local representative for Racal-USA) in 1987, then he joined Celcom in 1989, attached to Market Development Department and later assumed the role of Head of Marketing, Celcom Northern Region. He was seconded to Sabah in 1991 as the Regional Manager and was later promoted to General Manager for Celcom Sabah Region. It was during this time that the company was making its first headways into the east. He pioneered not only in the setting-up of the operations but also in helping transform Celcom to be the market leader in the region. His last position with Celcom was General Manager of Celcom Timur (Sabah) Sdn Bhd.

In November 1999 he joined KUB Telekomunikasi Sdn Bhd., and successfully spearheaded the planning, development and implementation of the first GSM project in Mogadishu, Somalia. He was also responsible for the setting-up of the first broadband wireless internet access network and commercial service deployment in Malaysia under the brand name B-WISE (Broadband Wireless Internet Access Service).

In May 2002 he joined AtlasONE Sdn Bhd as the Senior General Manager, Enterprise Business Group and later was appointed as the Senior General Manager/Acting VP, Sales & Marketing Division. His major achievements include the exclusivity arrangement with state governments & MCMC on the provisioning of broadband infrastructure and service deployment to Northern and Southern Regions under the Malaysian Broadband Plan. He was also actively involved in the Ministry Of Education/MCMC’s Smart School Proof – Of – Concept exercise in Kelang Valley and participated in MCMC’s USP Tenders

for the Setting-Up and Operations of Community Broadband Centers. Amran holds a BBA (Hon)/ADBS, majoring in Marketing.
(2) Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Syahirul Fazly bin Suhaili holds a Bachelors Degree In Business Administration and has gained good business experiences in various fields – Information Technology, Logistic and Oil & Gas. Mr. Syahirul Fazly will be appointed as the new director of the company.

(3) Vice President, Technology & Corporate Affairs
Mr. Abdul Karim Abdullah has been appointed as the VP – Technology & Strategic Planning of Sofield Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd in January 2014. Karim has over 20 years of working experience in the telecommunications field. Abdul Karim Abdullah was formerly:

 Vice President – Software Development with CELCOM
 Vice President – Eastern Regional Operation with CELCOM and  General Manager -Architecture & Planning, Information System Department with MAXIS.
 Vice President – Technology & Strategic Planning with Sector Solutions Sdn Bhd (NSP, NFP & Norminated NFP).
He was the pioneer in the establishment of CELCOM in 1989 and has gained vast
experiences in telecommunication during his tenure with both major players in the industry. Prior joining the telecommunication industry, he started with banking and finance industry namely with Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad (formerly known) and Kewangan Usaha Bersatu Berhad. He has the exposure of working with established consulting firm namely Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young and that gave him added advantage delivering quality deliverables. He experienced entrepreneurship in 1998 after

MAXIS employment and has done extremely well and managed to secure a sustainable deals and contracts.

Initial Set-Up to Support the Business Model for the Provisioning of Digital Solutions & Applications Services.












Dept. Job Scope:
1. Sales & Marketing Operations :
a. Mktg & Sales Plann. & control
b. Market Dev & Partners Mgmt
c. Mktg & Sales SOPP & Policies
d. Product & Svs Dev & Mgmt
e. Marketing Communication
2. Marketing Promotions
a. Marketing Awareness program
b. Mobile Exhibition/Road show
c. Presentation & Demo
3. Cust & Channel Serv. & Support
a. Customer Care Operations
b. Channel Performance audit
c. Channel Training and Dev.
d. Channel Performance Report
e. Channel Supp. Program
f. CSS SOPP & Policies
g. Cust& Channel Awareness
i. Handling Enquiries/Tele Mktg
4. Help Desk & Telemarketing

Dept. Job Scope:
1. Finance & Account :
a. Manage accounting system
b. Implementation of SOPP
c. Daily account/Fin Operations
d. Manage & monitor monetary
transaction – sales, collection,
purchasing, claims, commissions
e. Budgeting & Costing
f. Business & Partners audit
g. Finance and accounts report
2. Adminstration
a. Office Admin & Human Resource
b. Purchasing, logistic, insurance
c. Manage asset, equipment, infra,
CPE/MUE, VAS equip
& accessories
3. Supervise Partners (VAS & Apps)
a. Suppliers for VAS & Apps
b. Manage Installers/Contractors,
Suppliers’ payments
4. Corp & Strategic Planning


Dept. Job Scope:
1. Network & Engineering Services
a. Operations and maintenance
b. Network optimization- coverage,
Service & network performance
c. Network Monitoring & Control
2. CPE/MUE/VAS Equip & Accessories
a. Installation and Maintenance
b. Channel Tech Support & Training,
c Hardware configuration &
Firmware management
3. Supervise Partners(Eng Svs)
a. Installers
b. Contractors

We want to be a world class Digital Systems & Solutions Provider, through leverage Information and Communications Technology, to contribute our bits in Multi Super Corridor success and deliver Total Multimedia & Communications Solutions to our Customers for achieving strategic advantage, in turn derive to Business Success.

To focus on our customers’ challenges and needs by providing excellent solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for customers.
 To provide innovative products and services to our customers to meet and exceed their expectations in the fast-changing market.
 To customize and deliver integrated solutions and services to maximize investment returns to our customers.
 To continuously conduct R&D for improvement and invention of new technologies and solutions to stay ahead of the global competition.  To recognize, develop and retain our most valuable human capital and to nurture a conducive environment for their success.


Growing together with our Customers
Win-Win Mentality
Contributions and Return balancing
Continuous Rapid and Orderly improvement
Excellent Quality Information and Communication Technology Services

Sofield Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd (SOFIELD Digital) provides & integrates a comprehensive range of Multimedia & Communications services, systems & technologies, including provisioning of systems equipments & accessories, solutions design, management and deployment relevant to customers business needs to reduce their costs and increase their competitiveness in today’s global economy. Our strategic partnership with leading International ICT Consultants & Vendors, Contents & Applications Providers, Telcos, Celcos and Carriers’ Carrier allow us to leverage and position your business on an efficient and productive edge.

In providing for better and competitive solutions for our clients and prospects, SOFIELD Digital’s solutions product portfolio includes in-house customized products and solutions from major multimedia & communications principals and providers.

SOFIELD Digital overall strategy is to be the front-runner in the provisioning of ICT solutions on both Fixed & Wireless Technology Platform, and part of the strategy is to build a customers’ network that can support current and other applications of tomorrow.

SOFIELD Digital solutions would provide customer with immediate access to the state-of-the-art technology that incorporates all the tools and techniques for monitoring, control and management of a network. The significance of this solution is that our customer will be able to set up its network with minimal upfront investment. This will greatly reduce customer’s risks and manpower in setting up and managing data communications network.

SOFIELD Digital’s management team & business partners possesses years of experiences in providing voice, data & video communications services, backed by strong network management and maintenance setup which consist of local & international expertise. This means that our customers will be assured with

high quality services, together with the consultancy on detailed planning and implementation of network, comprehensive daily network management, continuous support in optimizing the network availability and performance. In conclusion, being a total multimedia & communications solutions provider, SOFIELD Digital is committed and accountable to provide total integrated business solutions and end-to-end managed service and technical support. Our aim is to enrich life through innovative ICT solutions.

We provide a broad range of ICT solutions & supports, including design, supply, management and deployment relevant to your business needs to reduce your costs, and increase your competitiveness in today’s global economy. Our strategic partnerships with leading Multimedia & Communications solutions providers allow us to leverage our customer business through high quality services and solutions.

 ICT Consulting
SOFIELD Digital’s Consulting Services helps customers identify hidden value and create growth through business and technology innovation, while also enabling cost efficiencies that generate industry-leading business and ICT performance. Our thought leadership looks at the future to anticipate major market transitions and help customers prepare for them.

 ICT Technology & Infrastructure Development
Utilizing the latest telecom technology platforms bundling with innovative applications & value added services to fullfil customers requirement on ICT Infrastructure for various initiatives i.e. Green

Fields, Digital Oil Field, Digital Campus, Digital Communities, Smart City/Township, Educity, Intelligent Building Concept and others.  ICT Business Solutions Provisioning
a. Voice, Data, & Video – Fixed & Mobility.
b. Corporate Access “Leased Line”:
Straight Forward Internet Leased Line – End to End Connectivity Solution Across Geographical Location with prescribed capacity. c. Machine To Machine (M2M), Focus on Key Products:
Fleet Management
Asset Management
Telemetry & SCADA
Security & Surveillance
Tracking & Monitoring
SIM Bonding & etc
d. Fixed Wireless Business:
Office CallSaver & VirtuEXT
e. Business Application:
PortaBiz on SAP Mobility
Mobile Device Management
f. Enterprise Messaging:
Enterprise Messaging Services (EMS)
Enhanced Enterprise Messaging (EEM)
 ICT Adoption In Oil & Gas Industry – The Digital Oil Field The upstream oil and gas sector is currently facing a major challenge: how to increase the production and the profitability in spite of the volatility of the oil prices, the declining reserves and the remodeling of the industry’s processes and regulations. Sofield strongly believes that the oil and gas companies can intensely leverage ICT in order to facilitate, enable and support most core functions including exploration and production.

 Custom Contents & Applications Development
We design, develop and deploy custom built Contents &
Applications specific to your business needs to reduce your costs and increase your competitiveness in today’s global economy.
 Business Continuity and Recovery
e-Business needs 24×7 availability. You can trust our ICT solutions to recover mission critical information and it’s related systems.  Networking
We design your network infrastructure for deployment and
ease of maintenance services in accordance to best industry

Sofield Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd is a full system integrator providing digital solutions for complex ICT systems as well as designing and developing standard & customized application software for various market segments/by industry: Telecom, Energy, Government, FSI (Finance, Securities & Insurance), Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Plantation/AgroTrade, Trade Logistics, Healthcare, Education (Digital Campus Solutions), Transportation and more.

We work with our business & strategic partners to offer a full spectrum of services including strategic consulting, communications and network services, system design and development, intranet & Internet business solutions & services, implementation and customer education.

 Internet/Intranet Services
SOFIELD Digital performs complex Internet/intranet solutions and services. The emphasis is especially made on system and data security. We are strongly committed to Web application development and deployment allowing for the most effective and up-to-date user oriented

solutions. The basic application functions include Web applications, Business Intelligence Systems, E-Commerce, Multimedia dynamic presentations etc.
 Implementation
Implementation of extensive information system is a complex effort often involving significant changes in the client’s organization. SOFIELD Digital has extensive experience in implementing large-scale systems. We utilize a proven implementation approach that has been successfully applied in numerous organizations. In successfully implementing complex ICT systems, extensive customer support is essential. SOFIELD Digital pays special attention to customer support throughout the development of the system and continues to provide support for the entire life span of the implemented system

 Communication and Network Services
A key element of most large information system is communications. The field of communications has rapidly grown in number of options and their complexity. Designing and implementing networks is a complex activity that requires a high level of expertise and versatile hands-on experience. SOFIELD’s experts successfully solve these problems as part of providing customers with effective solutions. Network services include network design (high level and detailed plans), internet/intranet functionality, and network implementation and testing.

 Customer Education
SOFIELD provides extensive education and training to customers as part of the ICT solution. The education and training covers all users types (top management to data entry operators) and includes areas of system and application software, data base management systems, use of CASE tools,

management systems (e.g. ERP, JIT) and network operation. The courses are held at the user site or at SOFIELD/Partner’s Media training center. 5.0


SOFIELD web site (under construction) will consist of six main menu. There are Services, System Integration, Contact Us, Sitemap, Company Profile and Achievement. Under System Integration includes Consulting, Implementation, Internet/Intranet Services, System Design and Development, Communications &
Network Services and Customer Education.

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