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Aditya Birla Retail Ltd is the retail arm of the Aditya Birla Group, a US$ 24 billion corporation with a market capital of US$ 31. 5 billion and in the league of Fortune 500 companies. In May 2007, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd launched its first store, more. in Pune, and currently has over 500 stores across the country. With the acquisition of Trinethra Super Retail, the company will increase its retail foothold to 300 plus stores with re-branding of Trinethra and Fabmall stores in South India. Date of Establishment2006 Corporate Address S. K. Ahire Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400025, Maharashtra, India Aditya Birla Retail Limited is the retail arm of Aditya Birla Group, a USD 28 billion Corporation. The Company ventured into food and grocery retail sector in 2007 with the acquisition of a south based supermarket chain. Subsequently Aditya Birla Retail Ltd. expanded its presence across the country under the brand “more. ” with 2 formats Supermarket & Hypermarket. Supermarket more. for you – Conveniently located in neighbourhoods, more. supermarkets cater to the daily, weekly and monthly shopping needs of consumers.

The product offerings include a wide range of fresh fruits & vegetables, groceries, personal care, home care, general merchandise & a basic range of apparels. Currently, there are over 600 more. supermarkets across the country. Hypermarket more. MEGASTORE – is a one-stop shopping destination for the entire family. Besides a large range of products across fruits & vegetables, groceries, FMCG products, more. MEGASTORE also has a strong emphasis on general merchandise, apparels & CDIT. Currently, five hypermarkets operate under the brand more.

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MEGASTORE in Mysore, Vadodara, Aurangabad, Indore and Bengaluru. Clubmore. – our loyalty program, currently has a strong membership base of over 1 million members. The company has a tie-up with 200 local farmers to provide green groceries, while it has tied up with Apollo Hospitals to set up a pharmacy within all the supermarkets. Searches related to aditya birla retail ltd aditya birla group retail aditya birla nuvo ltd aditya birla minerals ltd aditya birla telecom ltd aditya birla chemicals ltd aditya birla minerals limited ditya birla insulators limited Aditya Birla Retail Limited. currently has an employee strength of over 11,000. Key functions are headed by professionals with vast retail experience in India & globally. Quality & Value through own labels: Aditya Birla Retail Ltd provides customers a wide choice of products under its own labels. The objective is to provide quality products at attractive price points to customers. All manufacturing partners are the best in their class. Own label Food Brands more. , Feasters, Kitchen’s Promise, and Best of India

Home & Personal care brands more. , Enriche, 110%, Pestex, Paradise, and Germex Our Vision & Values Vision : “To consistently provide the Indian consumer complete and differentiated shopping experiences and be amongst India’s Top retailers, while delivering superior returns to all stakeholders”.

Values :

  • Integrity(honesty)
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Seamlessness
  • Speed

Thomas Varghese, CEO – Aditya Birla Retail Ltd. An engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, Mr. Thomas Varghese attended the Advance Management Program at Harvard Business School at Boston, USA.

With over 25 years of rich experience, he has been conferred with the coveted award of “Outstanding Business Leader” at the 5th Aditya Birla Award ceremony in 2004 for his stewardship of the VSF Business in to a global leadership position. He has been serving the Aditya Birla Group with distinction since 1999. He is also an Academic Council Member for the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management & Higher Studies, Mumbai. Russell Berman, CEO – Hypermarket Russell is a Global Retailer, with more than 24 years of international experience with some of the biggest retailers like McDonald’s, Auchan, Lian Hua, and Carrefour in various capacities.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Michigan, and Master of Arts from University of Chicago. Satendra Aggarwal, CEO – Supermarket Satendra brings with him over 24 years of experience in key leadership positions in top organisations like Hindustan Unilever Ltd. and Whirlpool. Prior to joining the group, Satendra was the Executive Director – North for Pepsico India where he spent over 10 years in various roles. Satendra is a Science Graduate from University of Mumbai, and holds a Masters Degree in Management Studies from the same university.

Reid & Taylor Awards 2009 Aditya Birla Retail Limited was presented the prestigious “Retail Best Employer of the Year” at the REID & TAYLOR AWARDS FOR RETAIL EXCELLENCE… read more Aditya Birla Group ranked the No. 1 Best Employer by the Hewitt – Economic Times Survey 2007. The US $ 24 billion Indian conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group, was ranked number one in India and among the best in Asia… read more Golden Spoon Award – Most Admired Food Retailer of the Year: Private label F&G brand read more Best VM at In-Store Asia Summit Ms.

Anjana Chakraborty, Aditya Birla Retail receiving the award. Quality policy ABRL is committed to assure our consumers of the quality of our products and services on a consistent basis and earn consumer trust and recognition of ABRL as India’s premier retail organization. The above will be achieved by : 1. Ensure that the products available at the stores meet the regulatory and statutory requirements through implementation of best practices (Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygienic Practices, Good House Keeping, etc. ) at every stage and in every operation.

  • Ensuring that for ‘Own Brand’, the products meet our stringent specification requirements; while at our processing sites and extended supplychain, the manufacturing practices and processes meet the highest standards of GHP & GMP at every stage and in every operation.
  • Ensuring that manpower resources are committed, competent, fully trained and working in a seamless manner.
  • Ensuring that different functions including buying & merchandising, supply chain management, operations and business partners understand and share our concern for quality.
  • Implementing a rigorous, credible & efficient assessment, inspection, testing & certification system.
  • Striving for continuous improvement through dynamic review process. ABRL is also committed to respecting our Corporate Social and Environmental responsibilities.

A US $28 billion premium conglomerate, the Aditya Birla Group is in the Group of Fortune 500. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of 100,000 employees, belonging to 25 different nationalities. The Group has been adjudged “The Best Employer in India and among the top 20 in Asia” by the Hewitt-Economic Times and Wall Street Journal Study 2007.

The Group operates in 25 countries – India, UK, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Canada, Egypt, China, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Dubai, Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea. Globally the Aditya Birla Group is

A metals powerhouse, among the world’s most cost-efficient aluminium and copper producers. Hindalco-Novelis is the largest aluminium rolling company. It is one of the 3 biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia, with the largest single location copper smelter

  • No. 1 in viscose staple fibre
  • The 4th largest producer of insulators
  • The 4th largest producer of carbon black
  • The 11th largest cement producer
  • Among the world’s top 15 BPO companies and among India’s top 4
  • Among the best energy efficient fertiliser plants In India •A premier branded garments player
  • The 2nd largest player in viscose filament yarn
  • The 2nd largest in the Chlor-alkali sector
  • Among the top 5 mobile telephony companies
  • A leading player in Life Insurance and Asset Management

Among the top 3 super-market chains in the Retail business Rock solid in fundamentals, the Aditya Birla Group nurtures a culture where success does not come in the way of the need to keep learning afresh, to eep experimenting.

Beyond Business –

The Aditya Birla Group is :

  • Working in 3,700 villages
  • Reaching out to 7 million people annually through the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development, spearheaded by Mrs. Rajashree Birla
  • Focusing on : health care, education, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure and espousing social causes
  • Running 41 Schools and 18 Hospitals Transcending the conventional barriers of business to send out a message that “We Care”.

For further details please visit: www. adityabirla. com

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