Retail Management Startegy of Massimo Dutti

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Massimo Dutti is a clothing chain that was originally focused on menswear, but in 1992, they introduced a complete collection of womenswear. They provide apparel collections for men, women, and children and offer personal tailoring services for men between the ages of 25-50. The store has a high-end atmosphere, with classy lighting, wooden flooring, and interiors, and no pictures on walls or mannequins in the window. They have a well-designed store layout with a different ambiance for men and women, and they highlight the latest designs with light effects and mannequins. They have unique designs and provide personal tailoring for customer convenience and loyalty. The store management aspect is well organized, with services like procurement, store atmosphere, and location. Massimo Dutti also provides after-sales assistance and promotions like sales and discounts during off-seasons.

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The chain was established to sell men’s clothing, but in 1992, they also started offering a full range of women’s clothing. {draw:frame} Massimo Dutti has designed clothing collections for women, men, and children. What do outlets do to improve and enhance the retail experience? They offer personalized tailoring for men aged 25-50, providing both formal and casual wear. The brand also offers the Massimo Dutti soft collection, as well as accessories, fragrances, and more. Their selection is wide and diverse. For example, when it comes to procurement:

Establishing merchandising sources, policies, and practices.

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Services provided:

Store atmosphere:

Massimo dutti atmosphere is a high-end atmosphere but classy, with high lighting, wooden flooring, and interiors with no pictures on walls and mannequins on the window. They have a classy look inside and the salespeople are very well dressed and ever ready to assist you and influence you to buy. They have light music playing in the background of the outlet.


*Overall about Massimo dutti* vertical integration

Massimo dutti engages in vertical integration, as it both manufactures and distributes its products in small batches. The company also designs interiors, manages warehousing, and operates its own logistics. This integration has contributed to the success of Massimo dutti’s merchandising strategy, allowing for a rapid and efficient fast fashion system. By having control over production in-house, Massimo dutti can easily introduce new styles and provide tailoring services to customers. In terms of store management and layout, the stores have a very elegant appearance.

The men’s and women’s sections in Massimo Dutti stores are distinct in their placement and atmosphere. The clothing is impeccably arranged in an appealing manner, complete with matching accessories. To showcase the latest trends, the clothes are presented on mannequins with the help of light effects. The accompanying picture illustrates the clothing layout in the stores. As for the designs, they are unique, and the brand offers personal tailoring services to ensure customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.

They offer formal to classy casual outfits for both men and women, along with additional accessories. The manager and sales associates are responsible for communicating sales analysis, product life cycle, and store trends to the designers. This enables the designers in Spain to create the right products for the season to meet customer demand. They also provide customer service by assisting with after-sales support, as well as any necessary changes or alterations. In terms of promotions, sales and discounts are available during DSS and DSF in the off-season. {draw:frame} Assignment no 1

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