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Some of them aim to escape to a calming atmosphere and another to receive more of “exiting” experience (Arnold et al. , 2012). Following all the main points discussed in he literature, the model of experiential marketing and consumerism can be extended. Experiential marketing framework To conclude a broad research has been conducted on the topic of experiential marketing however further investigations are needed in area of practical recommendations on senses influence, location and implementation of experiential marketing in different countries.

Doll Dominique case Doll Dominique produces the designer clothes and target a high middle class population classifying themselves as affordable luxury for the “vast minority’ (Deliciousness. Com, 2014). Taking into consideration companies notion that “designer garments must provoke emotions” it is can be concluded that experiential marketing is the most reasonable strategy to increase a customer satisfaction and make it a competitive advantage (ibid. Yang, 2008). Furthermore, the investigation of location scheme, store atmosphere and e-retailing, that correspond to the main aims company to expand and enhance online retailing, will be suggested.

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Location Due to the strategic expansion of the Doll Dominique outlets worldwide it might be racial to identify the core location principles that would benefit to the customers purchase experience and emotional state as well as brand aura and image. In most of the cases, luxurious brands tend to concentrate in one are in the historic centre of the city that tend to increase a total sales of whole industry that is recommended for Doll Dominique as well (Seafarer, 2012).

The flagship store plays the major role tending to carry great hedonistic value as it represents all the features of brand personality. Doll Demimonde’s flagship store is located in Milan, that witness the rand trustworthiness (ibid. , Deliciousness. Mom, 2014). It is recommended that Doll Dominique build more flagship stores in such emerging popular locations as Moscow, Shanghai and Hong Kong as has been done by Airman Group and Paul Smith (ibid). Importantly, Paul Smith positions in the same market niche and therefore might be considered as good strategic example (Smith, 2003). The choice of the building is particularly important when considering the flagship store (Raffled et al. , 2013, Seafarer, 2012).

Doll Dominique should look for buildings that carry label meaning that might be associated with brand picture like, “for example, the connotations of the Ringleader Mansion support Laurel’s brand proposition with its aristocratic associations, while the austerity of the Sander flagship reflect the clinical purity of that brand ” (Seafarer, 2012, p. 287). Doll Dominique brand image include both innovation and tradition, the best type of architecture for the above mentioned purposes would be “expressive” design (for example see Fig. ) that comprises transparency and harmony as well as historical building that are very often associated with luxury (ibid, Raffled et al. , 2013). Fig 2. When Architects Budgets Manufacture Strasbourg, France (Raffled et al. , 2013, Budgets. Com, 2014)

Store atmosphere and environment Individuals who aim to purchase luxurious goods and especially middle classes have an intention to escape from the day-to-day life and are especially sensible to the emotions connected with self-esteem and self-fulfillment (Seafarer, 2012, Silversides & Fiske, 2003).

Researchers suggest customers that belong to this target group will be more satisfied with the calming and relaxing atmosphere in the store (Arnold et al. , 012). All of the further proposed changes will take this notion into consideration. In order to give to the store more luxury view it is recommended to put a strong emphasis on the personality of the tailor (Don & Arnold, 2011). For example, The Christina Dior shop in avenue Montage displayed videos with designer’s villa that gave the customer feeling of the designers touch’ in this shop (ibid).

Similarly, in the Doll Dominique store the photos of the tailor can be placed on the walls inside, in order to provide a consumer with more ‘artistic’ environment that is considered as a major attribute of luxury stores. Moreover, various types of art installations strongly recommended in the flagship store in Madrid in order to create an aura of museum that is largely executed by big brands as Channel and Button to create a parallel among fine art and the brand (Seafarer, 2012, Don, & Arnold, E. , 2011).

The research in the retail environment shows that consumers tend to spend more time and money when the suitable combination of smell and sound is applied (Mantilla & Writer, 2001). Pleasant citrus smell may increase sales rate and therefore is recommended for Doll Dominique to use in order to increase customer-spending levels. Retail, Soars, 2009) Moreover, for the brands as Doll Dominique who position themselves as a luxurious retailer the classical music will help customer to feel more the atmosphere of luxury (Morrison, 2002) The lightening is important as well.

Web-site The web-site plays highly important role in the modern retailing, especially in case of focus on “affordability’ very often customer may prefer to shop online. Although the web-site is very easy to use, fast in payment proceeding and provides free shipping it can be recommended to add more experiential features such as offering other possible choices that might suit customers preferences for example as offered on wry. Net-a-porter. Com that would add more engagement of customer in product hooch (Net-a-porter. Com. 2014, Piccalilli et al. , 2009).

The website lacks presentation of the courtier as an artist. This may include a bibliography, photo gallery or video as on Channel website or on Button website in which Mark Jacobs describes a procedure of design (Seafarer, 2012). In addition to the feeling of luxuriousness this would add interactivity, making a use of website more pleasant and creating a feeling of “engagement” with the brand.

Limitations of the study and areas for the further research Although there is library research of the strategies implemented by other brands or commended by other investigators more empirical studies of the Doll Dominique case is needed in order to analyses the reaction of customers and adjust the strategies accordingly.

Moreover, in order to fully investigate an appropriate locations for the company one needs to look at peculiarities of the retail industry of the destination countries and types of architecture with regards of the affordability of the area there to make more accurate assumptions.

Conclusion To conclude, the detailed examination of the literature revealed that most of the authors concentrate on influencing customers 5 senses, emotions, mood, memory, elf-image and goals by adjusting their promotions, locations, in-store environment and brand personality and as a result boosts customer satisfaction of the purchase.

The case study of Doll Dominique focused on impressing customers through location choice, in-store environment and web-site experience. Suggested location of the shops and architectural style of the flagship store aim to excite customers’ visual sense and satisfy the target group’s aspiration for luxury. In addition, recommended adjustments to the boutique atmosphere and brand image would thrill customer’s sensory experience, creating a positive attitude.

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