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Advertisement Encourages To Buy

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Advertising a product is the medium of introducing to customers, therby increasing the product sales. Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. I agree with both statements that advertising of new products improves our lives to some extent and at the same time people are encouraged to buy things they really do not need.

These days people are daily seeing advertisements of products in Televisions, Week-end magazines and even in some newspapers.

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Advertisement Encourages To Buy
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These advertisements give us a rough idea about the new product, how it looks like, its new features and even prices also. Sometimes they prompt us to buy those products. Standards of people’s life improves due to these advertisements. Say for example by seeing an advertisement of a new microwave or toaster oven, we are tempted to buy the product, which will be helpful to us.

We will enjoy its usage. Many people are even buying the products on the internet by seeing the advertisements. Also that if we want to know something about a product, we can’t directly go to the shop and enquire about it. Advertisement provides means of dissemination of information for health and social issues as well as for products. Only producers gained through the process of advertising their products.

Advertising manipulates us to buy things we don’t need by playing on our emotions. It creates artificial needs. Sometimes they create confusion in the minds of people which brand of the product to buy. This is why The content of advertising has long been subjected to much criticism. With the advertisement of proucts on cigarettes, alcoholic products, poeple are tempted buy them, which will harm their health.

So what I conclude is adverstisement of product is a good idea which encourages people to buy when in they are in actual need of the product.

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