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Worldwide current events aid in developing global awareness, as well as help you understand that even Hough we might not all live close, we are all connected; what happens in one part of the world affects the rest. These next five current events have generated fiery debates throughout the summer of 2014 and have affected everyone in more ways than one. Immigration, our country wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for it. But the United States has found they have to deal with the down side of immigration once again.

In recent years, the USA found themselves deporting thousands of adults back to their homeland, but have recently ran into the problem of an increased amount of children coming across the border. Only seven months into 2014 and already over 50, 000 children, without the companionship of adults, have been apprehended at the border of the United States and Mexico. Many of these children, some of them younger than five years in age, are sent by family members here to America to escape the dangers and hardships of their countries; what they don’t know is that the trek to America places them in greater danger than they were in previously.

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Many adults, much older than the kids now making trips, endure many life threatening events before making it here. Young children are not mentally and physically prepared for hose hardships. The problem now is when these kids are apprehended at the border and brought into the custody of the United States, our government is unsure about what to do with them. Some residents of the USA think they know; they say “Send them back! Being Cuban, grew up being taught that living in foreign countries is a very difficult way of life, many people run away from their countries in fear; in places like Central America and Cuba they don’t have control over the crimes. Some of these children don’t have families, others don’t have any family to contact in America, and for some, the United States can’t come in intact with their families back home. Kids like them come here to make better lives for themselves to have things such as an education, a job, and a sense of security.

This situation is very hard on these kids; it’s even harder for them knowing that the citizens of this country don’t welcome them here. Although I’m a legal citizen of this country and I was born and raised here my whole life, sometimes find that because of my background and last name, I’m just as unwelcome as those kids are. I feel like the citizens here in the United States should be more understanding, considering everything these children have gone wrought, until our President along with the presidents with the neighboring countries come up with a peaceful resolution to the issue.

Just south of the United States, Brazil hosted the most anticipated, exhilarating, and heart pumping event that only comes around once every four years: the World Cup! This event is the biggest soccer tournament in the world, where only the best and most elite national teams compete for a chance to be known as number one in soccer. This spectacle includes 32 teams and has a total of 64 games. All of those 64 games are unique, no one game is ever boring or similar to any other.

All of these adrenaline-charged games led Germany to take the cup back, with their 1-0 victory against Argentina. The world Cup is also more than just entertainment; it’s a joyous event that brings the world together. Being a soccer player myself, I know that all I’ve been waiting eagerly these past four years for the world cup, and so have millions of others. Soccer is the number one sport in the world has a way of bringing people together. People of different races, genders, age, beliefs, and religions gather during the event and are able to get along.

Some of the best experiences in my life have been while playing this port; the memories, relationships, and how it has shaped me is something I’ll never forget. The love and passion behind the sport changes all those who enjoy it. Soccer has made me a more well-rounded and accepting person. I feel like this summer it has been able to do that for the rest of the world. Back tracking to an event right here in the state of Florida, is the debate over the legalization of medical marijuana. Florida might be on its way to being one of the next states to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

Recent polls show that now 4 out of 5 Floridians are for the legalization, that’s around 88 percent of the otters. Over half of Florist’s voters said that they didn’t oppose to the recreational as long as strict boundaries were enforced over its consumption. Many of the voter’s arguments for the recreational legalization was that this drug doesn’t have any side effects, but they are oblivious to the fact that like any drug, pot can indeed be dangerous to the consumers and the people around them. I believe that the consumption of this drug should be used strictly for medical purposes.

As a medical drug, pot has been found to help children and adults alike with seizers, a variety of cancers, and other disease such as crown’s. Medical Arizona might be a step in the right direction for the future of medicine, but the “high” that weed gives to sickly patients can cause addictions and slow their brain function. I’ve grown up in an era where I look around and see kids more eager to get high rather than to get an education. I’ve witnessed kids lose their lives because they have made poor decisions while using the drug, but the public never hears of these stories.

Making this a recreational drug will only make it more assessable to the younger generation, even with age regulations. Teens desperate enough today can get old to just about any type of illegal substance, axing those other drugs or alcoholic beverages with pot could prove to be fatal. Marijuana is still a drug and in order to keep the healthy residents of Florida safe, it’s best to leave the consumption of weed strictly for medical purposes. Across the world, the war between Russia and Ukraine rages on.

This resulted in the death of 283 individuals on the Malaysia airlines flight IMHO on route to Koala Lump international airport. On July 17, 2014 a plane from Amsterdam was making its way to Koala Lump when it flew over east Ukraine, also known as rebel’s territory, when it got shot down out of the sky with heavy artillery. Although still under investigation, Russia and Ukraine continue to point fingers at each other. Considering the plane was hit going over the border of the two countries the world might never know who shot the plane down, but we do know that this war has now got out of hand.

After the plane got shot down, a group of pro Russians shot down a Ukrainian helicopter over their base. Ukrainian leaders now state that if these conflicts continue to worsen, we could be looking at World war Ill. Some still remember the effects of World War II and are not prepared to handle such a full scale conflict right ever again. At this moment in time, almost every country in the world is in debt, America being one of them. Many countries can’t handle a plummet in their already degrading economy, and once again we are one of them.

A crash in our economy could easily put us through another great depression. In school, I have always been taught that the United States has gone through many hardships and battles to get where it is today. There is no reason why a country that has got this far, has to fall back to difficult times again. Have seen friends go off to wars and come back home safely which is something am very grateful for. Not l, or anyone else, wants to see their loved ones fight a battle that can take their life when it’s not their battle to fight.

In order to for the United States to keep its people safe, we need to try being part of the solution, and stop fighting fire with fire. Recently, The New York Times wrote an article on India, discussing how people have never realized how unsanitary and poor the living conditions are over there. Many children from India are sickly and malnourished since the rivers, streets, drinking water, and food are all contaminated with parasites and diseases that are easily caught. In India, many implies have to share public restrooms and bathe in the polluted river.

The public restrooms these families are forced to use are clogged almost constantly with their own waste, for the only sewage plant they have can only process 20 percent of the waste. The rest gets backed up causing clogs and over flow of sewage on the streets. Many of these people are forced to defecate on their own properties because there is no other place to do it. The river where they are supposed to take their bath as well as wash their clothes is polluted with human feces, animal carcasses, various plastics, and glass. It was also stated that India is one of the world’s primary countries for air pollution.

Part of the reason why Indian’s population is so sick is because of diseases like tuberculosis that thrive in contaminated areas such as these. While visiting Cuba when I was younger, I got infected with a disease because of contaminated water. I’m very thankful I was able to get better once I got back to the United States, but some kids in countries like Cuba and India don’t have that opportunity. Indian’s government has the ability to pay billions to help build more bathrooms to better the pollution, but its people are against it.

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