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Review of the Promotion Air Jordan



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    Air Jordan Nick Johnson Introduction to Marketing Marketing is extremely important when it comes to a product or service. If a business markets their product in the right manner, their business will skyrocket in yearly turnovers, making the business wealthy. If a business is able to do this, they may transform from a small, one location business, to a multi-nation franchise that is well known by the majority of retail shoppers. There are four separate categories that marketing is divided into: Product * Is the product of interest to customers? What key features of this product attract the attention of customers? How do customers regard the quality of this product? Price * Do customers regard the price to be fair, especially in relation to quality? Place: * Is the meaner of distributing the product to consumers the most appropriate/ convenient? Promotion * How well known is this business? * What do customers know about their product/service? If all of these needs are satisfactory towards a customer/client, the business will be able to run at full capacity of what it is capable of, and will make a profit.

    Introduction to Air Jordan Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and athletic clothing designed, owned, and produced y Nikkei and Michael Jordan for Nine’s Jordan Brand subsidiary. The shoes, informally referred to in the plural as Air Jordan or simply G’s, were first released for public consumption in 1985 after Michael Jordan himself wore them as a rookie in 1984, with new designs released annually thereafter. Since its introduction into the sports shoe market, the Air Jordan evolved to the original basketball shoes to models for different uses, including training and casual shoes.

    The Air Jordan 1 was first released in 1985, in a red and black color-way to match the uniform of the Chicago Bulls, the team for which Michael Jordan played. This red and black color-way was later outlawed by NAB Commissioner David Stern for not having any white on them. Michael Jordan would wear the shoes anyway, and each time he stepped on the court with the Air Jordan 1 he would be fined five thousand dollars. Nikkei used this as a promotional tool in advertisements hinting that the shoes gave an Unitarian competitive advantage and that however wore them had a certain edginess associated with outlaw activities.

    Marketing Strategy The Nikkei side brand, Air Jordan, will concentrate on maintaining its position in its rent market, which is a well-respected label, and will continue to target athletes that are the best of the best. Air Cordon’s looks and features are its most important features so it can continue to impress its current market. Its evolving state in the texture, comfort and looks of its various shoes are helping the brand stay as one of the highest sporting shoe brand available. Due to the various ‘retro’ models of Jordan that are continuously released, this shoe brand has become more of a collector’s item than Just a shoe.

    There are well over 40 different editions of Jordan, nabbing this brand to become more than Just a basketball centered shoe. Product The Air Jordan shoe brand is a subsidiary or the well-known brand, Nikkei. The brand is named after, and promoted by Michael Jordan. Since Jordan is a line of products designed and manufactured by Nikkei, there is no individual sales data for it. Nine’s fourth quarter revenues (May 31st 2012) rose 12 percent, or 14 percent on a currency neutral basis, to $6. 5 billion, the largest revenue quarter in NIKKEI, Inc. ‘s history.

    As you can see, Nikkei is a large brand when it comes to shoes, apparel and its various other sources of income. In 2013, Nikkei received an income of 10. 93 Billion USED (United States Dollars). As you can see, Nikkei is a large brand when it comes to shoes, apparel and its various other sources of income. In 2013, Nikkei received an income of 10. 93 Billion USED (I-jennet states Dollars). Nikkei Inc. Introduced a line of products from Jordan called ‘Jordan Collection’, a specifically numbered series of Jordan shoes. These appeal to those who are collectors, and would like to collect these shoes.

    In addition, Jordan also launches various signature and limited addition models, which are of more wealthy status, which the consumers would like with their products. Brand Name The brand name Jordan has been, and will always be known as one of the most popular brands/sub-brand of all time. Jordan is named after the xx NAB champion Michael Jordan. Nikkei decided to name Jordan as Jordan, because Michael had/has a large amount of publicity at his disposal during his NAB career. The use of his name in the sub-brand is smart, attracting attention from the overall NAB fanfare, and increasing Nine’s sales.

    Logo Cordon’s use of the Jump logo has become known worldwide. The Jump logo was based off one of Michael Cordon’s dunks. The design is like nothing else, wherefore being able to be recognized easily. It is an intricate design, of simply silhouette of Michael dunking. Once again, the use of Michael as their logo is extremely smart, enabling Jordan to attract further attention from fans of Michael and the NAB. Packaging Packaging is also very important to a product’s success. Air Cordon’s packaging is clean and simple, yet extremely classy.

    No major details are shown, Just a shoebox with the Jump logo and an appropriate design on it depending on what shoe is on the inside. Price Pricing of a product or service is important to the businesses success. Too high, and he lower-middle classed civilians will not be able to afford such a product, therefore shying away. Too low, and the product will be seen as a cheaply made, therefore a large majority of people will not want to buy the product as they will be seen as cheap. Air Cordon’s pricing is different across its various lines of shoes.

    The original Jordan Xi’s these days aren’t available for purchase in store because they have finished in production, but they are sold in auctions across the globe, usually with a starting bid of $500 ADD (Australian Dollar). The average across the various lines of shoes is $99 ADD, but can range anywhere room $60 (which are the cheaper, more affordable options, to a price around $600 (usually the limited additions and signature shoes cost this much). Place The method of which a product is delivered to a customer can influence how much the customer enjoys it.

    Basic retail shopping and the internet are two examples of ways which a product can be bought. Air Jordan is a large sub-brand, therefore, enabling itself to be placed in Just about any store that will fit in with its current genre of clothing. Retail shopping would be the most prominent way for buying a pair of Air Cordon’s. You are able to have a look at the detail of the product before trying on your size and buying them. Air Jordan also covers internet shopping, with its own personal website (whom. Jumping. Com).

    Cordon’s site covers the descriptions behind why the products are based off, how they are made and what they are made of. It shows the complete range of shoes that have ever been made by Nikkei, that are in the Air Jordan subsidiary. You are able to view every shoe from a 360 degrees standpoint so you can inspect the product before you buy it. You are even able to create your own shoe from one of the base models, by picking your own lour and fittings; Jordan offers customization of its shoes like no others. Promotion Air Jordan is extremely well known throughout sports and generally everyday life.

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