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Aline Deneuve Case Analysis



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    Case Analysis: Aline DeNeuve The case upholds Aline DeNeuve’s conversations with some of the employees of her workplace regarding the relevancy of taking a business retreat, and what expectations and outcomes can come out of it. After going through the talks with her employees, it can be clearly stated that the management system of the firm is broken down as the low morale and attitudes of the staff are deeply shocking. This mainly caused due to perception error among the employees and their higher ups.

    Heather, one of the employees, showed her resentment towards her supervisor because of not promoting her. She attributed his boss’s decision directly to the notion that he doesn’t like foreigners (Heather is Chinese) and completely ignored the fact that she has been taking a large number of sick leaves. From Heather’s point of view taking a three day retreat won’t actually solve this anti-social attitude among the employees within the organization. As for Jack, the reason he doesn’t want to attend the retreat is also for not getting a promotion to the director post.

    He stated that he didn’t get the promotion because of himself being black. Also he pointed out to increase the security by investing the money that was financed for the retreat as he accused the staffs for taking out a lot of office supplies. He also emphasized on launching a socialization program in order to increase workplace relationship. Another employee, named June, complained about her work being too stressful. She also said that the senior management didn’t pay notice to her demand of hiring more service representatives which will ease her work.

    She also complained regarding the customers of not using their common sense and calling for every tiny bit of issues they are having. These problems are attributing to her depressed and stressed life and also ruining her marriage. As for Alison, who works as a supervisor of employee benefits and services, also expressed same attitude regarding attending the retreat. She thinks that retreats create opportunities for males and females in the company to hit on one another. Because of holding strong religious belief and feel, she believes that the organization should create policy concerning inter-office dating.

    As for the last employee named Richard, it was evident that he totally supported the idea of a business retreat. He thinks that retreats are very good for developing relationship and socialize within the organization. From the organizational behavior perspective, Heather’s situation falls down to unintentional discrimination category. As she is thinking the reason for not promoting her is due to the reaction of the supervisor towards foreigners. But the main reason could be the fact that she is taking too many sick leaves. Jack’s case could also be an example of stereotyping.

    He feels that he has not been promoted because he is black, this clearly suggests the idea of stereotyping. As Aline currently occupies the position that Jack was supposed to get, we can say that Aline got the job because the higher ups felt Aline to be fit for it. On the other hand, this could be a case of intentional discrimination as higher ups could have discriminated Jack and thus didn’t give him the job. In case of June, this is a perfect example of employee stress due to low task control and thus creating work overload.

    As the senior management didn’t pay heed to her plea of hiring more representatives in order to make the job easier, this actually increased the burden of responsibility on her. Thus she started facing mental stress in her job and it has also affected her personal life. Thus it is leading her to job dissatisfaction. As for Alison, her remarks can be clearly explained by the EVLN model of job satisfaction. According to the model , Alison strongly believes that the organization should not promote inter-office dating. This statement is due to her strong religious belief.

    As she is trying to recommend ways to improve a certain situation or in other words stating formal grievances, this is clearly an example of job dissatisfaction. Richard’s reaction towards the retreat was exactly the opposite of the rest. From his stated points regarding the trip, it can be stated that he is an employee with high morale, and his relationship with the organization is positive. There can be a lot of solutions to these problems within the organization which are regarding perception, stereotyping, stress management etc.

    By engaging in organizational citizenship behaviours, we can increase cooperation and helpfulness amidst employees by creating a socially fit environment within the organization. By assisting, sharing and adjusting among each other, it will bring about a fruitful outcome within the workplace. Different socialization program regarding creating a good relationship among the employees despite different age, race, sex etc. can actually increase workplace harmony. Management can remove the idea of discrimination or prejudice in the workplace by eaningful interaction among employees; improve our self-awareness in order to minimize the perceptual biases that take place. This can be done by promoting the idea of creating a good workplace which circumscribes employees of different race, ethics, beliefs and values. Proper stress management is also an issue here. By sharing and adjusting workplace, providing a flexible work-time, thus creating a hindrance free work environment where the employee won’t be affected mentally, physically or personally.

    By improving an employee’s self-concept, we can make a job more friendly natured to the employee. There is a positive relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. The managerial position must take daily note on whether the employees are satisfied with their job and the task they have been assigned to. By analysing the EVLN model we can clearly assess the “exit” ,“voice” , “loyalty” and “neglect” related functions that take place within an organization and ensure a satisfied work environment for the employees.

    By analysing the conversation between Aline and the employees, we can say that there are widely diverse amount of objections and problems among the employees which are mostly based on stereotyping, belief, ethics, interpersonal relationship, satisfied job performance , upholding morale etc. By implementing the aforementioned ideas and concepts which are linked to organizational behavioural tactics can management be able to clarify and change the current situation of the organization and establish a socialized, less stereotyped, highly satisfied, harmonized workplace.

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