America Must Change View on Abortion

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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy that can take a life away by just removing the fetus within the twenty-five weeks of pregnancy. This medical procedure has significantly active the medical field in new methods to end an unborn life. Abortion has had a long history worldwide, especially in the United States. In America, each state has its ethical principles about abortion and how it should be considered, which made the United States heated up politically with the surrounding of the issue that has separated into a campaign of pro-life and pro-choice. Abortion has become a major political issue in the United States of America; therefore, it’s an essential issue for the future of pregnant women since abortion has become a choice for women to either let the child live or not. Unless we come together with a solution to make abortion pass for the right of humanity so that we can have a choice. We must change the view of American people in how they see abortion because the decisions that we make today will make our society accept the circumstances of how pregnant women are making a choice instead of being targeted as a killer for maternity mortality.

There are many side talks when we talk about abortion. When a woman is pregnant, her fetus is starting to develop, which in many cases some do not want the unborn child. The start of everything is the growth of the embryo, which gives the thought is the fetus still considered to be alive or not during the time of getting the abortion. Therefore, the critical assumption to people is when the baby starts to kick the stomach in the mother’s womb since it’s considered a human being rather than a developing fetus. Unless we see what the true meaning of a human being is, instead, it is thought to why a fetus is attacked when the unborn child is not able yet considered a human. In the Northern District of Texas, a federal case was brought about an unmarried woman who was pregnant and wanted an abortion. The argument started on December 13, 1971; she wanted the unborn child is to be terminated by abortion. The court decided to hear their hearing to figure out whether to let this woman have her newly developing child be killed or not. Her argument that the lawyer stated, ‘by medical advice to save the life of the mother.’ (ROE v. WADE, pg.2) This excuse was purposely said to claim that the mother would be in grave danger, but during the time of the case, it was found out that the unmarried mother was with a man had both decided not to have the child even in the future.

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The case was still going on, and the discussion of the accusation of the defendant if she can convince the court that she is making the right decision. Still, the prosecutor made a remarkable explanation by saying ‘the record, which did not indicate that the appellant was in her first trimester of pregnancy at some time during the pendency of her lawsuit, did not establish the appellant’s standing to litigate the issues involved, even if it did, the court, eschewing the Fourteenth Amendment’s history, had mistakenly relied on the ‘compelling state interest’ test, [….] a right to an abortion was not so rooted in the traditions and consciences[…], and the statute should have been declared unconstitutional.’ ( ROE v. WADE, Rehnquist, pg.4) Meaning the whole case should have been dismissed since the beginning because of the lack of evidence and the right to have the small developing child have a choice to live. In other scenarios, cases would be approved by the state court which is why abortion goes beyond the decision of the mother but the conclusion that the laws of the government have put to whether the circumstances of the pregnant women have or if the defendant can defend herself to convince the federal judge.

Getting further into the topic, the government has to have the power to regulate the laws and policies of abortions of America. The time of how abortion has been evolving with federal laws and policies changing the views in how a life of a child treated, therefore, the Global Abortion Policies Database (GBAD) have been studying the regulations in the United States almost every year since many women have decided to get a medical procedure to cut off her fetus. Unless Americans understand the regulations of the policies of abortion in how they work, they will be to determine how these laws only limit a certain amount of regulations in how they put life on the line. From the ‘Ethical and Legal Issues Reproduction,’ it stated that a study made in the United States of America that gave a statistical correlation between laws forbidding ‘late-term’ abortions and refusals of ‘near-late-term’ abortions, that is, abortions within one month of the legal limit. The chilling effect of criminal abortion laws amplified by the fact that in some jurisdictions, older criminal laws are not enforced today. (Joanna N. Erdman and Brooke Ronald Johnson Jr, pg.121)

Abortion has made an opportunity for pregnant women to be able to have a limit of one month to choose to have the medical procedure to cut off her fetus or not. The regulation to the policies of abortion is not transparent because they only assume that they only need approval from a federal judge and book an appointment for the day of the surgery, but it’s not. They need an organized common set of policy domains: legal grounds and gestational limits, administrative requirements (such as third-party authorizations, compulsory counseling, mandatory waiting periods, or medical tests, service delivery regulation such as who, where, and how abortions may be provided; permitted and registered methods; national insurance coverage; or conscientious refusal practices), and criminal penalties (who may be charged and associated deaths, etc. (Erdman and Johnson, pg. 122) The government does not provide a lot of information about how the abortion procedure works and how it only limits only a certain amount of policies to get the abortion. That is why the regulations of the government do not protect the fetus.

Also, abortion has its religious controversies in the act of killing a developing child who is not yet able to defend itself. Religion has a significant effect on how laws are made today, the city of Washington on January 5 the senate and House of Representatives assembled with the congress to decide to pass a bill for an act to protect the free exercise of religion. The action was called ‘free-exercise’ it is in the clause of the first amendment, which states that the government cannot prevent interference with people’s religious beliefs. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was officially passed on November 16, 1993. (H.R.1308, pg.2), therefore, this act was able to give abortion a negative effect on American citizens in how pregnant women see a life since they have decided not to keep the child. This is why religion plays a big part in making abortion an illegal act unless America sees abortion as an essential decision to let the child live so that it can thrive in his or her life or rather let it die within the mother’s stomach.

The argument about abortion is mainly the talk about religious believers because their religion has beliefs that they are not allowed to break. The laws that have been created by the legislative branch try to help the United States stay protective and also have some rights, but they’re not. Rules are made for the good of the government, not for the product of the people. The cruelty of letting a law give the mother have the decision to allow the child to die without the conscience of the mother seeing how that child she is caring will not be able to see the light of the outside world. It’s too much that our nation has not even realized that the most significant impact of letting abortion be allowed will mark an unborn child to be listed as to die or live within the reasoning of the mother and how the government sees these circumstances of what they know the child as meaning a fetus.

Right now, there is a campaign with two groups of pro-life or pro-choice. Pro-life is letting the fetus grow in the mother’s womb to have a life while pro-choice is letting the fetus die in a medical procedure by the right of the mother’s choice. These two groups are the ones who are fighting to either get rid of abortion or let abortion pass in the states of America. The decision to have abortion be legal or illegal in America has been going on for a long time till today; therefore, abortion hasn’t even been able to conclude to make the right decision to let a fetus grow. Since the division of the two groups bring both good counterarguments about each other opinion on how abortion looks to them. Unless the two groups understand what is happening with their campaign to the U.S. As they keep fighting for aside, they need to choose pro-life because the lives of children are being counted day by day. On April 22, 1992, an argument was open for Planned Parenthood of Southern Pennsylvania for a woman who was seeking an abortion. In the federal state law of Pennsylvania of 1988 and 1989, an abortion statute was amended to provide that a woman seeking an abortion is required to give her informed consent before the abortion procedure and to be provided, with certain information concerning her decision whether to undergo an abortion. (Planned Parenthood v. Casey, pg.1) This was helpful for women to have an abortion because her case was open three years after the federal law was finalized in Pennsylvania.

The case goes on in how the women had the right to terminate the child which was very similar to the case of ROE v. WADE, but the difference about this case was that the defendant was arguing about how there were too many restrictions in getting an abortion as her prime claim while plaintiff was explaining the reasons of why her request was ultimately wrong by stating ‘Constitution, and this liberty is a rational continuum which, broadly speaking, includes freedom from all substantial arbitrary impositions and purposeless restraints, and which also recognizes that certain interests require scrutiny of the state needs to assert the justify the abridgment of the interests; the Constitution places limits on a state’s right to interfere with a person’s most basic decisions about family and parenthood[…], and these matters are central to the liberty protected by the Fourteenth Amendment.’ (Rehnquist, Ch. J., and White, Scalia, and Thomas, JJ., dissented in part from this holding, pg.6) By saying this, abortion is not made to be a one-sided negotiation with just the mother’s choice, but with what the plaintiff reported to cause the case to shift over in how abortion isn’t taking as lithely as it is. The case ended up being decided by June 29, 1992, which in the end, the women were approved of having the abortion. The understanding of abortion is politically a pressure because Americans love democracy, but they do not fool once they are giving the facts about abortion.

In conclusion, abortion is a medical procedure that allows the mother to cut off her fetus, making the unborn child be gone from her life. Americans need to know how the policies and federal laws go throw to let the procedure of abortion. They need to understand how a child’s life is being put just because of the choice of a mother taking the intention of letting go of her child for her benefit. A child’s life is not a game, and the government is only having a limited amount of restrictions in having an abortion. Abortion is no longer this minor issue, but a major political issue that has been going around all over the United States of America. As we see so many pregnant women choosing to risk the life of a developing child, their conscience is not working. Abortion is just another excuse for getting away with the problem of having a baby. This is why abortion isn’t the right choice and is neither the right of the mother to choose how life should be taken.

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