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American History :final project

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Of migration to the Americas was thought to be a land bridge of the Bearing Strait called Barbering. Barbering connected North America and Asia, it was a natural bridge made by the dropping of sea level. People migrated in pursuit of animals – it was the only food When it’s the only food source – you follow it. It was believed that people hunted mammoths, saber tooth cats , and muskoxen. The Columbian Exchange was the trade of new plants,animals,foods and diseases between Europe,Asia,Africa,and the Americas that changed these cultures for better and worse.

This gave more resources , culture tan power to the Americas.

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American History :final project
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From the West and Eastern worlds were many diseases , though most came from Europe. Like malaria , yellow fever , and smallpox. Smallpox was the most dangerous to the Native Americans inhabiting the Americas. They had no immunity, unlike the English setters and almost died instantly. Smallpox wiped out entire Native villages , and killed almost half of the population.

People were very unhappy with the conditions of England. There was religious persecution,an unstable economy , and promise of capitalism. Many people did not like King Henry VIII shoving the Anglican church down their throats.

Protestants and Catholics were shunned and brought to jail for practicing religion. Many saw the colon sees as a great opportunity for religious freedom and a better life. The permanent settlement was Jamestown ,Virginia. Those that went there were wealthy aristocrats who searched for gold instead of working. They didn’t know how to work, and frankly didn’t want to learn. That all changed when John Smith arrived giving the colony its future wealth and cash crop TOBACCO. The Puritans (Pilgrims) who were famous for their strict religion, went to Plymouth Rock. Before getting off the ship they signed and created the

Mayflower Compact , stating their loyalty to the king along with government and colony rules. The House of Buy regress was the first elective representative assembly in American history. All of the colonies’ economies developed differently due to their different geography. The North had rocky soil, so fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding were their main economy. While the middle colonies farmed just enough for their own families , and became the Breadbasket Colonies due to their growing of wheat and barley. The South developed different , due to their hot and fertile soils climate they were ammos for farming on plantations (a giant farm).

Since the plantations were so large , they needed addition workers, African slaves. Triangular Trade were triangle shaped trade routes connecting England o Africa and the Colonies. Slaves were only some of the items traded. In the horrible and grueling Middle Passage was the name of the leg of the triangle in which slaves were brought to the colonies.

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