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Mini Coopers Legacy – BMW Strategy


Words: 579 (3 pages)

BMW strategy to achieve the continuity of the Mini Coopers brand was to maintain its original legacy as one of the world’s iconic vehicles ever made. Mini was first developed in the 1950’s by a gentleman named Alex Issigonis. Its original design was develop to be fuel efficient due to the global fuel shortage (Horatiu,…

The Book Legacy by Sean T. Smith, Is a Story Centered on a Man Named Nwarht


Words: 529 (3 pages)

The book Legacy by Sean T. Smith, is a story centered on a man named Nwarht. His mission in the story, was that of revenge. This mission, eventually evolves around the other major characters in the story; Bryce; the young lab scientist, Jessica; the daughter of the director of the Federal Investigation Center, Dr. Bustos;…

Essay about Legacy of Lucy


Words: 870 (4 pages)

            Perhaps one of the greatest questions that mankind has ever asked is: where did we come from? That is the very reason why the discovery of Lucy had became such a sensation in the scientific world as well as for curious minds. During the early years of the discovery of Lucy, she was even…

Legacy Nasser revised


Words: 8896 (36 pages)

The present research paper will analyze the state of affairs in Egypt under the presidency of Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970), and trace the elements of Nasser’s legacy which were observed in the domestic and international politics of Egypt even after the death of this prominent leader. He survived in the memories of descendants as the…

Porsche’ s Legacy Essay, Research Paper


Words: 2026 (9 pages)

Porsche’ s Legacy Essay, Research Paper The Porsche is a bequest of Ferdinand Porsche, and his belief in what an car should be. Porsche believed that autos should be the merchandises of technology invention, careful development and diligent workmanship. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was born in 1875 in Bohemia, and early on he devoted his clip…

The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: An Interview with Co-editor Jeffrey Shanks


Words: 1606 (7 pages)

TGR contributor Jeffrey Shanks has co-edited a new collection of essays on Weird Tales titled The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales. The book is being published by Rowman & Littlefield and is due out in October.  His co-editor is Howard scholar Justin Everett.  Shanks has a day job as an archaeologist and is very active…

The History and Legacy of Paul Taylor, as Well as the History and Legacy of His Company


Words: 1365 (6 pages)

In my paper I will be discussing the history and legacy of Paul Taylor, as well as the history and legacy of his company. In memorial of Taylor’s recent passing this paper will dive into the impact he left on the dance community. From dancer to choreographer, I will be expressing the greatest moments of…

Zada’s Hanukkah Legacy summary


Words: 345 (2 pages)

Zada’s Hanukkah Legacy The story “Zada’s Hanukkah Legacy” by author Matt Cohen was firstly published in the year 1995 in Canadian Geography magazine. I revisited the Seventh edition of reader’s choice Essays for Thinking, Reading, and Writing book. In this story, the author reflects his past trip from Ottawa to Toronto to celebrate the Hanukkah…

The Beginning Stage of Current Stratigraphy


Words: 418 (2 pages)

The beginning stage of current stratigraphy can be pursued back to Leonardo da Vinci and his delineations. Pioneer work by the Danish polymath Nicolaus Steno (Niels Stensen) in northern Italy, in the midst of the late seventeenth century developed the essential truth that progressively settled rocks are overlain by increasingly energetic rocks if the gathering…

When One Leaves Over a Legacy for Those Around Him/Her


Words: 339 (2 pages)

When one leaves over a legacy for those around him/her, its as if the person is still living amongst them. When his/her principles and values are followed and respected that again is as if that person is still within our midst. Gilgamesh had a close friend by the name of Enkidu who got killed by…

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