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An Adaptable Individual to Adversity

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Hard times bring out an individual’s true colors and talents which will radiate in adverse situations.People are more vulnerable and open-minded when endearing a difficult situation, so from personal experience I completely agree with Roman poet Horace. When we as individuals possess a particular goal, we may acquire a knowledge of traits and talents we did not know we held until we push ourselves to newly developed heights. One prime example is Mike Tyson who is a world renowned boxer in the United States.

Tyson endured his father abandoning him at the young age of two and his mother passing when he was at the young age of sixteen which led to Tyson becoming a natural boxer and an adaptable individual to adversity.The pain and suffering that Tyson had to endure due to the loss of his family members clearly left a permanent mark upon his personality. Tyson’s undiscovered boxing talent came to his aid in street fights and would soon develop into a fundamental aspect of his personality.

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An Adaptable Individual to Adversity
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He is a living and breathing example of how adversity radiates a latent talent. Adversity is something that is unsought by most and is very grueling to cope with. However, once pushing through the obstacle, most have possessed a new insight or in Tyson’s case, a talent that was unveiled for everyone to see.

To Kill a Mockingbird is an exceptionally moving novel that develops the idea that individuals witnessing hardship learn and grow emotionally from it by gaining humility, sensibility and a sense of respect for other people’s agony. Scout is introduced as a young, egotistical five year old who received constant criticism from her community and teachers who turn down Scout’s judgement.However, after witnessing other challenges in the form of poverty, addiction and prejudice , she grows and develops to be a determined, humble and empathetic child. No matter what shape adversity takes, one can use their knowledge gained to grow stronger than before. Scout Finch did just that. She grew up at a young age and became very independent within the 1930’s when the depression was occuring.

Individuals need to be put in adverse scenarios to become experienced, compassionate individuals. Hard times are something we all have experienced. As Roman says adversity does bring to light inactive capacities. Uncomfortable situations push you out of your comfort zone which aids in learning lessons and discovering new talents. Adversity will bring out talents inside of us, that can however only be brought to the light by the necessity adversity brings.

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