An Analysis of the Three Core Components of Esports: Communication, Training, and Team Work

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How many people here have played basketball, football, or soccer before? These are commonly referred to as “sports”. Personally, I enjoy watching a sport that was broadcast on ESPN and featured a tournament with a prize pool of $10 million dollars. Remarkably, the players won this hefty sum while sitting in a chair. This sport is known as an Esport or Electronic Sport. I am not referring to playing virtual tennis or golf on the Wii. What I am referring to is a game that encompasses all the fundamental elements of a traditional sport, such as communication, training, and teamwork.

In an Esport, communication plays a vital role. While traditional sports rely on various forms of communication like body language and eye contact, these aspects are largely absent in Esports such as League of Legends. The inability to convey intentions through physical gestures makes effective communication even more crucial in Esports. A mere one-second delay in calling out a movement can result in losing out on significant monetary rewards. While communication is important in every sport, the ability to express thoughts holds far greater value in the realm of Esports.

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Both traditional sports and esports share the need for training. Esport teams usually live together with their manager, coach, and analysts in a shared house, spending most of their time together to build team chemistry. Some teams even go to South Korea to train against top global teams and compete on the Korean ladder. Practicing to develop and enhance skills is essential for succeeding as a professional esports player.

Stemming from my second point, teamwork is crucial in most Esports. In games like League of Legends or Dota, there are positions similar to LeBron James and Kevin Durant, as well as positions similar to Rajon Rondo. However, it is important to have all positions filled by team members. The challenge arises because everyone wants to be the star player like LeBron James or Kevin Durant while neglecting the less glamorous work needed for the team’s success. To be a good team member, one must possess humility and resist the temptation to seek personal recognition. Teamwork is undeniably challenging but ultimately rewarding when aiming for the team’s success.

The controversy surrounding whether Esports are considered real sports has sparked complaints when Dota2 was aired on ESPN. However, both Esports and traditional sports share essential similarities. Both require a high level of skill and possess the mentioned attributes to excel professionally. This speech aims to pique your interest in Esports, with hopes that you will be open to learning more about them in the future.

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