An Annotated Bibliography on Journal Articles on the Case Studies of Schizophrenia, a Mental Disorder

This journal article is about the case study of a teenager who started having schizophrenic symptoms. He was normal with good grades and an outgoing personality, until all of a sudden he was acting entirely different. He stopped caring about his appearance, his hygiene and he practically stopped eating. The most important part is that he kept complaining of voices telling him to jump out the window. So his parents took him to the hospital and he stayed there and got treatment. This journal article is about how different medicines and their placebos react with some patients in a study. The medicines are Sertindole, with different doses assigned to people; including 12, 20 and 24 mg a day And Haloperidol, with 4, 8 and 16 mg a day doses assigned. Antipsychotic medicines react with different chemicals and their receptors in the brain, balancing them out. This article also explains the history of schizophrenic medications and how they have been misused.

This article talks about different delusions and how they are categorized, it talks about how they are said to be caused. And they also talk about how they affect people and their lives and environment. There are monothematic delusions such as a Capgras delusion, or a Cotard delusion. But these types of delusions aren’t always Lied to schizophrenia. This article studies how schizophrenia could be inherited by finding out places in DNA that you could find it They are using genomewide maps and pedigrees to see if they can find anything. They found out that its notjust one gene that can trigger schizophrenia. But its also a bit of a challenge because some genes have an extremely small amount of information that could affect the appearance of the disorder. In fact most findings are not entirely trustworthy because of those genes. This article explains how paranoid schizophrenics attribute the reasons why they are having issues, and what those excuses are.

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They wanted to see how people manage it. Some of them might have an external-situational style, and others might seem less arrogant and have an external-personal style. They used a questionnaire to get the results, And they also rated the results using the Likert scale. This article explains the treatments, symptoms and side effects of medicines known as Benzodiazepines (BZDs) It talks about how the medicines are used for schizophrenia and its symptoms, and for side effects of other medicines, and its side effects and reactions to the body as wellt The use BZDs haven’t been used as much for paranoid schizophrenia as for other types before, though. In this article it shows a case study about a woman with paranoid schizophrenia.

They gave her Lorazepam to help her relax during an exam and found that it helped her out a lot.  In this article they studied different people on how well they process different tasks and stimuli. They study how people used their hemispheric processing using four types of tasks. They were a mix of Viewing and listening tasks in various ways. They studied paranoid schizophrenics, people with anxiety disorders, and normal people to keep the study more accurate. Sometimes medicines create other problems too. Usually, they are magnified because of the disorder. So that makes people with the disorder turn noncompliant and not want to take their medicinesl But if they don’t it will just make it worse 50 this article talks about how people can prevent that and convince patients to take the medicine and why it’s a good idea.

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